Rishtey Pyaar Union time for Abir Mishti

Rishtey Pyaar Ke Mishbir Engagement twists

Rishtey Pyaar Union time for Abir Mishti Abir tries hard to stop Mishti from leaving. The people at the airport support Abir and shout Mishti’s name to reach her. Mishti hears the people shouting her name and feels weird. She realizes that such weird things happen when Abir is around. She doubts if Abir has come to the airport, did her wish get true. She was wishing to see Abir for the final time. She wanted Abir to do some miracle like always. Mishti feels her belief on Abir is unbreakable. Mishti rushes back to see Abir. Abir awaits her. When she comes in front of his eyes, he gets happy that his emotional call stopped her from leaving. Mishti and Abir have a union.

Meanwhile, Kunal confronts Meenakshi for forcing him for the marriage. He tells her that he doesn’t love Kuhu. He wants to leave from the marriage. She asks him to remember his vow and go ahead. He tells her that she is ruining his life by putting him in an unwanted marriage. He feels its a big punishment for him. He tells her that he won’t be able to forgive her. He wants her to stop the marriage and save his future. She gets helpless. She can’t let his illegitimacy truth to come out. She asks Kunal to marry Kuhu. She is scared of Parul. He tells her that he will not be her obedient son from now, she will see his wrath if the marriage happens.

Abir and Mishti have a love confession. Mishti proposes Abir. The people applaud for the lovers. Abir and Mishti’s cute moments follow. They leave from the airport. He makes a special unique proposal to her by taking her to the temple. He jokes that they have come to the temple to get married. She realizes that she has set the surprises for her. He confesses love to her once again. They are very happy. Later, Meenakshi meets Parul and asks her to perform the Gathbandhan. Kunal calls Parul for the rituals since he is angry on Meenakshi. Kunal and Kuhu get ahead with marriage rituals. Kunal is unhappy.

The Gathbandhan catches fire, which shocks the family. Kunal and Kuhu’s wedding rounds stop. Kuhu tries to save herself from fire. Abir and Mishti see a couple marrying. Mishti gets scared of Meenakshi. She tells Abir that Meenakshi will never accept her. Abir promises her that he will never let his love fail. He tells her that he will make their dream home and not let any strong winds affect them. Mishti is relieved with his assurance. Kunal and Kuhu’s marriage complete after crossing the hurdles. Kuhu faces Kunal’s wrath and realizes that he doesn’t love her. Kunal brings a storm in Kuhu’s life.

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