Colors Shakti Choti Sardarni Upcomings

Shakti Preeto suicide Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Vidya

Colors Shakti Choti Sardarni Upcomings Preeto slaps Shanno while trying to cover the truth that Harman’s child is a kinner. Preeto names the baby Heer. She doesn’t reveal to the family that the baby is a kinner. She just shares this truth with Soumya, knowing Soumya will understand her sorrow and pain. Preeto feels remorseful that one day Heer has to go to the kinner community. She stops Shanno from changing the baby’s diaper. Preeto takes away Heer from Shanno. Soumya and Preeto limit everyone from touching Heer. Shanno scolds Soumya for teaching her.

Preeto supports Soumya. She asks Shanno to not disobey her. She turns bad in the family’s sight just to raise Heer. She wants to fight the family and society for the sake of Heer, like Nimmo protected Soumya since her childhood. Preeto will hide the truth until she can. Preeto is ready for the big fight for her grandchild.

Choti Sardarni: Meher enters Sabrajit’s house. She gets a grand welcome in her In-laws house. Param plays the dhol to welcome his new mum. Meher loves Param. She connects with his innocence. Sarabjit makes many vows to Meher. She gets emotional. She still hates her family who had killed Manav mercilessly. She just loves Manav. She wants to bring Manav’s child in the world. She wants to secure her child. She finds marriage with Sarabjit is a solution to all her problems. Dolly suspects Meher and wants to find Meher’s secret. Dolly will be learning about Meher’s pregnancy and revealing it to Sarabjit.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Ram announces his marriage with Mayura. Rivaaj gets free from Mayura. Rivaaj finds a way out of the secret room. He wants revenge on Mayura and Ram. He feels they have tortured him a lot and now he won’t spare them. He finds Ram and Mayura together. Mayura argues with Ram for his announcement. She asks him why didn’t he ask her before. She is angry that he created a problem for her. She refuses to marry Ram. She just loves Raghav. She tells Ram that she isn’t thinking of marriage. Ram justifies his decision. He tells her that he has done this just to answer the family.

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  1. My Rating For SHAKTI SHOW ? 0
    BecBECA NO VIVIAN ? No Shakti SHOW ? Bored Seriously Extending the SHOW With Useless TRACKS LEAPS
    BRING HARMAN BACK to The SHOW ? NEW STORYLINE then ONLY show up the Ratings


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