Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Highlights Today

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Highlights Today


p style=”text-align: justify”>Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Highlights Today Sikandar tells his daughters that he is going to find some work, and they should better look after each other untul he returns. He is happy to see them becoming responsible, bold and independent. He thinks the bad phase surely teaches a lesson of life to everyone. He heads to find some work and earn money. Kulfi cleans the house and doesn’t ask Amyra to assist her after finding her upset. Amyra gets into an argument with the kids. The kids help her in cleaning the house. Amyra gives them a toy as reward. Kulfi asks the kids why are they so angry on them, is it because of the specific room. </p.

She asks them to behave well with them. The kids refuse to reveal the secret. Kulfi washes the clothes. Lovely tells the jailer about a prisoner stealing a knife. She gets the lady caught. She learns that the prisoner is very dangerous and may not spare her. She gets worried. Kulfi helps Amyra in adjusting in the chawl. She hears the people conspiring against Sikandar. She doesn’t want the people to cut the power line. She knows Amyra won’t be able to tolerate this. She asks the people why do they want to trouble them.

She stops the men from cutting the power supply line. Amyra takes the kids’ help. She asks Kulfi to just agree to her plans. She wants the kids to reveal about the chawl issues. She is sure that something is wrong which they aren’t able to identify. Lovely gets attacked by the prisoner. She sheds tears in pain. She feels Sikandar is responsible for this. She doesn’t want to stay in jail. She doesn’t want to forgive Sikandar ever. Sikandar tries to rent another house. He doesn’t get help because of Jimmy.

He looks for a new place for Kulfi and Amyra. He knows they aren’t happy in the chawl. Kulfi and Amyra learn that everyone is troubling them only because of the specific chawl room. Kulfi tells them that she isn’t at fault if Himmat has allotted the room to them. Kulfi and Amyra face troubles when the power outage occurs. Will they find the root cause of all their problems hidden in their room? Keep reading.

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