Kundali Bhagya Huge drama hinders Preeta’s marriage

Kundali Bhagya Huge drama hinders Preeta's marriage

Kundali Bhagya Huge drama hinders Preeta’s marriage Prithvi is mistaken that Preeta wants to marry Karan. Prithvi doesn’t want Preeta or Sameer to see his face. He tells his mom that he got freshen up and came back on time. He thinks Karan has fooled everyone well. He is happy that Karan is losing now. He wants to marry Preeta from the first rituals. He takes a selfie with his mom. He realizes how Karan and Sameer are trying to cover up their plan. She tells him that Sherlyn got the police to stop the marriage and thankfully she is gone now. She asks Prithvi to rush and marry Preeta. The marriage begins since the start.

Sameer has no idea that Prithvi has got back in the mandap. He wants the marriage to happen soon. He doesn’t wish Rishabh to stop the marriage. Sherlyn is angered that she failed to stop Prithvi to marry Preeta. She gets Prithvi’s marriage pictures. This enrages her further. Sherlyn wants to express her hatred for Prithvi. She finds him happily marrying Preeta. Rishabh is thankful to the doctor for saving him.

He wants to head to the marriage venue to stop the marriage. He finds the police in the hospital. He thanks the stranger for saving him. Rishabh tells the police that he was tensed about a family problem. He gets his phone back.

He feels indebted to the man. Rishabh takes help from the police to get Prithvi punished. Prithvi is upset seeing the delay in the marriage rituals. He arranges the flowers to speed up the marriage. He wishes to get married to Preeta soon. Preeta misses Karan. Karan’s memories flash in her mind. She wants to know if she is doing right by marrying Prithvi. Police intervenes once again, this time on Rishabh’s complaint against Prithvi.

Prithvi’s mum asks police not to stop the marriage and sort the matter later. Sameer is worried that police will check the groom and find Karan. The family tries hard to stop the police. Prithvi gets in a fix. He doesn’t know how to avoid the police. He feels Sherlyn has sent the police again.

He doesn’t want his truth to come out. Rishabh meets them and shocks everyone by his wrath. He stops the marriage by putting water in the havan kund. Preeta can’t believe Rishabh’s anger. Rishabh unmasks Prithvi, which shocks Sameer the most. Sameer realizes that Prithvi has caught Karan and played the same trick on them. He is thankful that Rishabh stopped Prithvi and Preeta’s marriage. He gets confused over Karan’s plans. Prithvi realizes that Sherlyn has sent her angry husband to stop the marriage in her madness. Rishabh demands Prithvi to confess his crimes. Rishabh reveals about Prithvi’s crimes. He threatens to expose Prithvi and get him punished by the cops.

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