Upcomings Patiala Babes Choti Sarrdaarni and more

Patiala Babes Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Spoilers Surprise

Upcomings Patiala Babes Choti Sarrdaarni and more Param is trying to bring Meher and Sarabjeet closer. When Param gets hurt, Sarabjeet calls a doctor for his aid. He gets angry on Meher for being careless towards Param. Meher reveals the pregnancy truth to Sarabjeet. Param got hurt because of her mistake. She does the first aid to Param. She gets blamed by the family. Doctor tells Sarabjeet that Meher has already cured Param’s wound and there is nothing to worry.

The family take back their bitter words and apologize to Meher. Sarabjeet feels guilty to shout on her. He realizes that his anger over her pregnancy news vented out this way. Param cutely ties their foot so that they don’t get separated. He doesn’t want Meher to leave him and go. Meher gets touched by Param’s cute gestures.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Mintu goes on the stage with his friends. Mintu learns that his Dadi fell down and got much hurt. Mintu leaves from the event, while his team goes on the stage to receive the trophy from Nimki’s hands. Nimki fails to meet Mintu. Mintu finds his Dadi absolutely fine and catches her lie. He tells her that he couldn’t get the trophy because of her lie. He asks her not to play this illness drama all the time. She asks him about the lie to visit the assembly with his friends. He tells him that his friends compelled him and dragged him there.

He was too unwilling to go there. Dadi tells him that he can’t lie to her. She asks him not to enter politics, which has snatched her family. Mintu meets his friends. He gets to see Nimki’s picture. He likes her beauty, but wants to be away from her. Tunne misses Rambachan. Mahua informs him that the principal called her the next day. He wishes her all the best to get the scholarship. He invites her for dinner. They get emotional and miss Nimki. The students protest outside the assembly. Nimki goes to sort the issue. Mintu saves her from the angry crowd. Nimki and Nimtu have their first meet. Nimki can’t believe the fact that Mintu is Babbu’s lookalike.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hain:

After Anita’s spirit drama, Vibhuti gets into a monkey drama. He behaves like a monkey. Tiwari invites jailer home. Jailer comes with his team to catch Vibhuti. Tiwari tells them that Vibhuti is bitten by a monkey. Vibhuti bites Tiwari when he finds Tiwari mocking him. The fun doubles up by Vibhuti’s antics. Anita likes Vibhuti’s new side and finds him cute. She gets monkey’s favorite fruits for him. Vibhuti tells her that he wants to get rid of the monkey spell.

Patiala Babes: Hanuman and Babita start facing problems when the society learns about their marriage. Babita gets taunts from her neighbors. Hanuman calls the pandit to get the marriage mahurat. It gets too much when Pandit also questions her decision to get married in such an odd age when she should get her daughter married. The ladies spoil the haldi function by their cheap taunts on Babita. Hanuman fails to answer the society about their true love. Minnie finds Babita landing in awkward moments by the sudden taunts. She wants to take a stand for her mum. Babita doesn’t want Minnie to challenge the society. Minnie has taken the big responsibility of changing her mum’s life for the better. She will face the society’s taunts and protect Babita’s happiness.



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