High Five Spoilers Patiala Babes Bepannah Pyaar

Patiala Babes and Nimki Vidhayak Upcomings

High Five Spoilers Patiala Babes Bepannah Pyaar Raghbir is falling for Pragati. They have a moment unplanned. Pragati starts believing Raghbir. Pragati does the arrangements for Janmastami celebrations. Raghbir helps her in the arrangements. Pragati doesn’t want him to drink alcohol. Badi Maa tells him that maybe he is falling in love with Pragati. Raghbir has forgotten Bani and is moving on with Pragati.


Raghu has saved Dhanak’s life by much difficulty. Maai and Bharat are still after Dhanak’s life. They want to separate Raghu and Dhanak at any cost. Raghu helps Dhanak in dressing up for the puja. Raghu expresses his love for Dhanak. He doesn’t want to lose her. Dhanak realizes that everything is happening with her because of a confidential file. She knows someone is planning against her. Raghu and Dhanak aren’t aware that someone is hiding in their room to get the file. Someone steals the file and runs away. Dhanak will be catching Tiwari and his fake wife.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Maha Maha does some rituals and cuts her palm. She puts her blood in the water. Bhujang gets affected as she does the evil activity. A monster comes in front of her which is born out of her evil powers. Mohini tries to save Adhiraj and finds a connecting bond between them.

Patiala Babes:
Babita and Hanuman happily celebrate in the pre-marriage functions. Hanuman assists Babita in the household work. He doesn’t want Babita to take any sort of stress. He protects her from the society’s taunts. Hanuman and Minnie take the responsibility of carrying the functions ahead smoothly, without letting external factors affect Babita’s happiness. Babita and Hanuman will be getting married just the way they planned.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhaari: Everyone is upset with Gudiya as the guy coming to see her leaves from the doorstep. Gudiya gets hungry and asks Sarla to give money to her. Sarla asks her to be hungry to know to learn some manners and to know how it is necessary. Gudiya comes to her father to ask for money and says she will have kachoris made by kanhaiya shop. Radhe asks why? He asks didn’t your stomach fill up drinking my blood and taunts her. Gudiya goes to sweety and asks for money. Sweety says you will not die if stay hungry for a day and closes door on her face. Gudiya gets sad and runs out of the house. She jumps in the pond, disheartened from her family members.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Rivaaj creates an illusion of himself using a projector to trick Ram and Mayura so that he can go out easily and work on his plan. He thinks technology is wonderful. Mayura gets emotional seeing Tashi’s gifting her dress which she took for Rani. Ram and Mayura get ready for their fake Mehendi rasam. Ram compliments her beauty. Mayura asks him to wrap up the rituals and says she will not get Rivaaj’s name written on her hand. Ram asks her to write R for Rani.

Rivaaj hears on CCTV, but don’t understand. Later, Rivaaj comes with a lady to apply Mehendi to Mayura. Mayura asks her to do the work and go. She suspects seeing him wearing the gloves. Ram finds the rope lose with which Rivaaj is tied and asks Mayura to give him chain so that he ties him. Rivaaj gets up from the seat and attacks Ram. Mayura gets shocked.


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