Kundali Bhagya Preeta suspicious about Karan’s absence

Kundali Bhagya Preeta suspicious about Karan's absence

Kundali Bhagya Preeta suspicious about Karan’s absence Rishabh challenges Prithvi to prove his innocence. Sarla reprimands Rishabh for insulting Prithvi for a purpose. Rishabh defends himself since Prithvi is really a culprit. Sarla feels bad. Rakhi asks Sarla to understand that a bad person can’t be part of the family. Sarla doesn’t think Prithvi can try to kill Mahesh. Prithvi tells the inspector that he is innocent. He apologizes and tries to clarify that he is helpless, he has to go and get married, since his bride is waiting. He tells Sarla that he loves Preeta a lot. Rishabh is ready to file the complaint. Prithvi wants Rishabh to bring proof first and then speak.

Inspector asks Prithvi to get proof of his innocence. He doesn’t want to release Prithvi. Prithvi thinks just Sherlyn can save him from the police. He doesn’t know if she will help him or not, since she is against his marriage. He thinks to please Sherlyn and get a favor from her. He agrees to provide the proof of his innocence. He wants a chance to contact his dear ones to seek help. Sameer is worried for Karan. He feels Karan got kidnapped by Raka again. Karan is really caught up by Prithvi’s goons.

They take him away in a car. Karan fails in his struggles. Prithvi calls Sherlyn to get help, but in vain. He is happy that Sarla is still on his side than the Luthras. Prithvi fails to get any help. Rishabh wants to see who will come to help Prithvi. He wants to punish Prithvi. Prithvi tells them that he isn’t involved in Mahesh’s accident. He calls Mahesh a reckless driver to put himself in danger. Rishabh loses his cool. Inspector stops their fight and threatens to put Prithvi behind bars. Prithvi finally connects to Sherlyn to beg her for help. She vents anger on him for trying to marry Preeta.

She scolds him for his cheat. He explains her that the one she met in the marriage hall wasn’t him. She refuses to help him. She tells him that she will send him to the jail for his crime to double cross her. He feels she is too angered and may not help him. She threatens to make his life hell. She also wants his mum to apologize to her. She learns that Prithvi is in the police station. He tells her how Karan and Rishabh have trapped him in Mahesh’s accident case. He asks Sherlyn to prove his innocence and free him. Sherlyn is happy that Rishabh has finally sent Prithvi behind bars.

Moreover, she threatens to get his punishment increased if he contacts her again. She denies to trust him. She is proud that Rishabh took the right step. Prithvi fails to prove himself. He gets badly trapped. Shrishti informs Preeta about Rishabh’s big accusation. She also feels that Prithvi is wrong. Preeta wants to know why Shrishti hates Prithvi. Preeta waits for her groom Prithvi. she finds Karan absent for long and wonders where is he, that he didn’t arrive even knowing about the police case filed on Prithvi for Mahesh’s accident. She thinks if Karan isn’t aware of Rishabh’s move to punish Prithvi. She gets suspicious that he maybe in some big problem.

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