Sufiyana Pyaar Zaroon to find Kainat’s truth

Sufiyana Pyaar Zaroon to find Kainat's truth

Sufiyana Pyaar Zaroon to find Kainat’s truth Madhav gets a makeover for Saltanat. He learns about a guy troubling his sister. He recalls the past that police didn’t help him when Sakshi went missing. He asks her not to get scared of anyone, he will handle the problem. He sees Saltanat’s makeover and feels she isn’t the one he assumes. He gets a strange feeling that maybe she isn’t evil. But, he has much hatred for Kainat. He takes Saltanat home.

Zaroon and family cooperate with the police. Zaroon wants the investigations to give the right result. He wishes to know the culprit. Kainat gets scared. She tries hard to avoid the blood test. Indu asks her daughter Neha to prepare for Janmashtami. Neha and her husband spend some time. They have a funny argument. Kainat pretends to be dizzy. Nadim asks her to skip the tests. Zaroon asks her to cooperate so that they get justice for Ghazala. Kainat gives the blood sample. She wants to switch the reports. Indu wants to find a nice girl for Madhav.

She wishes to get him married soon. Madhav surprises the family by getting Saltanat home. He tells them about Kainat, their enemy. Indu hates Kainat for ruining their lives. Madhav tells Indu that he will ruin Kainat’s life now. Neha asks him why does he want to make Kainat recover before killing her. Madhav’s revenge is different. He wants to torture Kainat. ACP gets the reports on his phone. He tells Zaroon that the real culprit is found. Zaroon suspects Kainat. She pleads her innocence. Zaroon gets confused over Kainat and Saltanat’s switch.

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