Nimki Vidhayak Ganga Devi’s entry, chaos and conspiracy

Nimki Vidhayak Ganga Devi's entry, chaos and conspiracy

Nimki Vidhayak Ganga Devi’s entry, chaos and conspiracy Nimki and other ministers wait for Ganga Devi. Nimki gets happy seeing Ganga Devi. When Ganga gets shot down, everyone gets a huge shock. There are chaos around. Mishra blames Omkar for getting Ganga shot. He threatens Omkar. Omkar tells the ministers that Ganga is playing these games for sympathy. He tells them that he isn’t involved in this. He doesn’t want to stay there and come in media’s sight. Ganga is rushed to the hospital. Tunne drops Mahua to her college. The girls talk bad about their relation. Mahua wants to teach them a lesson, but he stops her. Abhimanyu is worried for Nimki. Abhimanyu and Sweety meet Nimki.

He asks Nimki how can she be so relaxed. Sweety tells Nimki that she is worried for her safety. Nimki tells about Ganga Devi. Abhimanyu asks her to be serious, they really love her and care for her life. Nimki apologizes to Sweety. They ask Nimki not to go to the assembly for few days. Nimki agrees to them. She finds herself in the news and likes her look in the saree. Abhimanyu asks her to get serious ever. Mahua is upset and shares her concern for Nimki. She doesn’t want Nimki to fall in trouble. She misses Nimki. Tunne realizes that Mahua still loves Nimki.

He asks her to talk to Nimki, instead regretting for their distant relations. Nimki gets Mahua’s unexpected call. She doesn’t know what to talk to her. Tunne wishes that both the sisters clear their misunderstandings and annoyances. Abhimanyu asks Nimki to talk to Mahua and sort their issues. Nimki faces mixed emotions. Later, Nimki goes to the assembly to raise a question about Ganga Devi. Omkar asks Nimki does she feel that her life is also in danger. Mishra and Nimki accuse Omkar for the attack on Ganga.


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