Shakti Choti Sardaarni Spoilers Colors Hits

Gathbandhan Shakti Bahu Begum Spoilers Colors Top 3

Shakti Choti Sardaarni Spoilers Colors Hits The show is taking a leap. Preeto keeps Shanno away from the baby Heer so that nobody knows about her truth. After 5 years, little Heer is shown on her birthday. Preeto calls her and asks her to come. Harak Singh calls her too. Heer is shown hiding and signs sorry. She comes out and is pampered by everyone. Soumya smiles seeing her. Heer’s brothers Soham and Rohan dance with her. Mahi is upset and keeps her away from Heer. Heer introduces her family, Preeto, Harak Singh, her father’s Gulabo and her mother Mahi. Mahi wants to get rid of her and can go to any extent. Mahi plans to harm Heer. Mahi gets revengeful against Heer. She hates Heer who is a kinner. She sees Preeto and Soumya caring for Heer. She doesn’t want to be called a kinner’s mum.

Choti Sarrdaarni:

Sarabjeet helps Meher with the after marriage rituals. He knows she is pregnant and the heavy weight tedious tasks will trouble her. Dolly has given the challenge to Meher. She wants to see Meher’s worth, if she will pass the challenges. Kulwant is worried that Meher’s pregnancy will be revealed. She doesn’t care for Meher’s child.

Dolly asks Meher to lift the heavy pot and keep it over her head. Sarabjeet doesn’t want anything to happen to Meher’s child. He lifts the heavy pot and assists Meher. He feels Meher has come back for Param’s happiness. He respects Meher. He owes a responsibility towards her child. He thinks he should understand Meher and care for her child. He proves to be a good husband. He completes the rituals. Sarabjeet and Meher are made to dance by the family members. Sarabjeet gets relieved that Meher’s Mu Dikhai ritual went well.

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  1. Hi All (Gurmeet London UK) CHOTI SARDARNI colours

    Choti Sardarni is a fab serial dealing with a situation that can be so cruel, to both leads. Both leads must carry on living, one with a small child and one expecting a child, both loosing there sole mates. The execution of this serial is spot on, although at some stage justice will be done hopefully at some point in time, but a serial does need a top notch villain that’s why I hope this serial does not dispose of the leads Mother, despite her Heinous crime. I hope story line does shift to and forth to Delhi and not just Punjab, I hope the next plot of serial is of Meher Mother trying to kill her unborn child and how the female lead will protect both children, I hope Meher first husbands character is not tarnished in current or future episodes, Meher Mother got her daughter married for the sake of gread, no gain through this marriage alliance is severe punishment in it self but not justice to the person murdered. Blackmailing could be a future story line that both leads have a sham marriage, or even current one as Punjab is near border so tensions could also be shown both leads could have military family serving in Kashmir


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