Telly Bytes Kundali Bhagya Karan Preeta connect

Telly Bytes Kundali Bhagya Karan Preeta connect

Telly Bytes Kundali Bhagya Karan Preeta connect Rishabh feels sorry that he spoiled Sarla’s happiness. Shrishti too worries for Sarla. She thanks Rishabh for stopping Preeta’s marriage since Prithvi isn’t a right guy. She asks Rishabh to prove Prithvi as a criminal, so that Preeta’s life gets saved. Rishabh is happy that she is sensible and can differentiate between right and wrong. Rishabh tells her that he scolds Karan a lot. He misses Karan. Shrishti tells Rishabh that she always suspected Prithvi, but had no proof. She wants to share her feelings. She tells him that she is still Karan’s fan, but Karan’s mistake to insult Preeta is too big. Rishabh apologizes to her for not supporting Preeta.

She is happy that Luthra family will believe Preeta again. Kareena gets mistaken when she finds them hugging. She gets angry on Sarla’s daughters. Preeta gets happy that Karan came to save her. She didn’t imagine that she would be meeting Karan after leaving her mandap. She asks Karan about Prithvi. He speaks ill about him. She refuses to answer him when he questions her feelings. Karan gets angry on her, which hurts her. He apologizes to her. He doesn’t want her to cry. She wishes him to behave normal with her rather than always venting anger on her.

Karan tells her that she is bad for him and he wishes he never met her. He expresses his hatred for her. Preeta goes to meet Prithvi at the police station. Karan questions her about her marriage. She reveals about Prithvi’s arrest. He learns that Prithvi is responsible for Mahesh’s accident. He loses his control and wants to kill Prithvi. He gets upset with Preeta, who wants to save Prithvi. Karan meets his family and shares their sorrow. He tells Rishabh that they won’t spare Prithvi. Karan attacks Prithvi in the cell. Rishabh and Preeta stop Karan from strangulating Prithvi. Rishabh doesn’t want Karan to do anything wrong.

Karan hurts Preeta unknowingly and cares for her. Rishabh calms Karan’s anger. Prithvi feels lost to Luthras already. Luthras insult Prithvi. Kareena argues with Sarla over her selection. Prithvi’s mum pleads them to help her son. Prithvi has no proof to support him. Inspector promises Luthras to punish Prithvi if they have any proof to support their case. Preeta recalls the day when Mahesh met with an accident. She tells them that Preeta was at home that day. Prithvi lies that he wasn’t in the city. Karan asks her not to lie to save Prithvi. Preeta wants to save Prithvi thinking he is a good person. Rishabh can’t believe that Preeta is testifying in Prithvi’s favor. Preeta and Sarla support Prithvi, while Luthras criticize them for their selfishness.


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