Tellyreviews Quick Reads Today Raabta Bahu Begum more

Tellyreviews Quick Reads Today Raabta Bahu Begum more

Tellyreviews Quick Reads Today Raabta Bahu Begum more Kalyani sees the old man taking Moksh and running away from there. She gets alerted hearing the pot breaking sound. She asks him where is he taking Moksh and snatches him from his hand. She asks who is he and says I will not leave you for trying to separate me and my son. She says I will not leave you and is about to beat him when Sarthak holds her hand and calls him Dada. He is Malhar’s father. Kalyani is surprised.

Bahu Begum: Noor has turned negative since her mother’s death and swears on her mother to make Azaan throw Shayra out of the house. She says she will create such a situation that Azaan will throw her out and tells that she will take revenge from Shayra for the insulted. She feels insulted as Azaan refused to divorce Shayra and declaring Noor as his second wife. She says she wants to be called as the only Bahu begum and not Choti Bahu begum. Shayra is upset with Azaan and tells that she will never forgive him. Later, everyone is waiting for Noor for Muh dikhayi rasam.

She comes there wearing a black dress. Mashuqa gets shocked and opens her mouth. Everyone has mixed reactions seeing her in such a dress and asks each other to look at the new bahu begum’s clothes. Noor comes and insults everyone and throws tantrums. Shayra is shocked and tries to make her understand, but Noor insults her badly.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Adhiraj flies in the sky to go to Neelkamal mountain and touch the soil at least. He believes his family is dead. Maha Maya is about to kill the man in the jungle to calm her anger and to become human again from Giant Spider. Mohini sees the giant spider through the window and sees the man pleading in front of the spider to let him go, says he has two children. Vaidehi thinks to rescue him, go there as a snake and fights with the spider(Maha Maya). She manages to save the man.

Ek Thi Rani: Ram gets arrested by Rivaaj’s corrupt Police. He gets brutally beaten by the Police. Mayura comes there searching him and asks Inspector to leave him. Inspector asks her to sign on the papers and signs Constable as per Rivaaj’s plan and swaps Ram with Rivaaj. Mayura brings Rivaaj home thinking him Ram, but soon she gets doubtful on him seeing his changed behavior and attitude. Kesha searches for Rivaaj. Snoopy barks at Rivaaj and makes the Kalash pot fall. Rivaaj gets angry on it. Mayura apologizes to him thinking him to be Ram. She thinks why is he behaving strangely and thinks if he is Rivaaj.


Muskaan gives a tough challenge to Inder in the wrestling competition. She doesn’t Inder win, which drives him mad. Maalik enjoys the game and finds Muskaan very much brave. He is happy to watch the interesting match. Muskaan doesn’t lose, which makes Ronak happy. He doesn’t want Muskaan to get hurt. He wants Hanumant to get Collector soon. Hanumant informs him about finding an unclaimed dead body in the morgue. He calls Ronak there. Nekchand gets Collector to show Muskaan’s fight. Collector doesn’t see Muskaan. She gets tricked by Maalik’s lie. She goes away without helping Muskaan. Muskaan continues the match and wins over Inder.

She wants Maalik to give her freedom. She tells that she has adapted fair and unfair means to win. Maalik asks Muskaan to take her freedom. He sets her free. Ronak claims the dead body by lying that the deceased is his brother. He tricks the hospital staff with the help of Hanumant. Ronak informs Maalik that he has killed Muskaan’s husband. Maalik shocks Muskaan by revealing that her husband is dead. Muskaan can’t believe this and soon gets to see Ronak. She realizes Ronak’s plans and pretends as her his plan.

Maalik thanks Ronak for surprising him again by killing Muskaan’s husband. Muskaan prays to get freedom with the help of Ronak. Amma asks Muskaan to either choose to be a widow, or accepts colours in her life again by accepting Maalik’s proposal. Muskaan accepts the colourful clothes, since she isn’t a widow. Amma and Maalik get mistaken seeing her wearing colourful clothes. Maalik introduces Ronak to Muskaan. They get emotional meeting after a long time. Ronak protects Muskaan when Inder badly eyes and hurts her. Muskaan insults Maalik. She gains courage by Ronak’s presence.

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