Kumkum Bhagya Zee 5 Top 3 Quick Snips

Kumkum Bhagya Zee 5 Top 3 Quick Snips

Kumkum Bhagya Zee 5 Top 3 Quick Snips Abhi asks Rhea to stop all those nonsense talks about her mom. Rhea says that the designer wanted to know about her mum, how much she loves her, cares her and stays with her. She says she was calling Meera as my mom and I just corrected her. She tells that her my mom left her and didn’t care for her and goes on talking against her. Abhi shouts at her. He tells her that her mom was not bad and didn’t want to leave her, but he took her from her. He goes on praising Pragya. Ranbir asks Prachi if she likes his song. Prachi says everyone likes it. Ranbir gets happy and says I want to hug you. Rhea hears them and gets shocked. Abhi will be going to Pragya’s house for lunch along with his family. Rhea gets excited to meet Pragya, since she finds a mother in her.

Kundali Bhagya: Shristi tells Rishabh that Preeta will have the problem for a few days, but later she will be alright. Karan comes to the Police station and gets to know about Prithvi attempting to murder Mahesh. He holds his neck and tells that he will not leave him. Prithvi calls Inspector for help. Karan and Rishabh get determined to get Prithvi punished. Karan suspects Sherlyn’s involvement as well. Karan’s misunderstanding about Preeta gets cleared because of Rishabh. Karan gets falling for Preeta once again.

Raja Beta: Vedant threatens to burn Sanju’s car and puts kerosene oil on it. He asks if the car is dear to him or Pankhudi’s truth. Sanju tries to stop him and asks what is he doing? He asks him to stop all this. Purva is also with him. Vedant lights the match stick to burn his car. Sanju asks him to stop it and says I will tell you everything. He says this is all done by Pankhudi. Purva asks him not to put his mistake on Pankhudi. Sanju says my mistake and says if Papa and I could do then would have done in all these years. He says Pankhudi is the mastermind of all this plan, your sister. He tells them everyone about how she planned every move of the conspiracy.

Purva is shocked and shattered. Vedant looks angrily. Purva says why she will do this. Vedant says rejection in love as I refused her. Sanju gets shocked to know that Pankhudi loves Vedant and was fooling him. Vedant proves his innocence before Purva and tells how Pankhudi forced him to take the wrong step.


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