Yeh Rishta Highlights Today Huge twists coming up

Yeh Rishta Highlights Today Huge twists coming up

Yeh Rishta Highlights Today Huge twists coming up Naira gets an upsetting surprise when her friend Liza meets her in an emotional broken state. Naira wants to know what had happened that completely left her in tears. Liza reveals about her shocking break up with Akhilesh/Anil. She doesn’t know about Akhilesh’s real identity, that he is Kartik’s uncle, a member of Goenka family. She meets Naira at the Goenka house and misses to see Akhilesh there. She tells Naira that her boyfriend who claimed to love her had suddenly called it over, without giving any reason for his decision. She feels cheated by him for ending their love story this way. Naira consoles her.

She tells Liza that she will punish that man for cheating her. Akhilesh is irritated as he had to break up with Liza because of Naira’s return in the family. He doesn’t want his affair to be known in the family. He gets into a bitter quarrel with Surekha. He tells her that he was getting some happiness on his trips, but now even that’s over. He blames her for ruining his life. Akhilesh doesn’t miss Liza with Naira. On the other hand, Vansh tells Kairav about Teej fasts and celebrations. He explains how the wives keep fast for their husbands, who return the favor by giving a precious gift. He tells Kairav that everyone is preparing for Teej.

Dadi makes Kartik select the gift for Vedika. Kairav is happy being mistaken that Kartik has bought the gift for Naira. He rushes to take the gift to Naira. He wants Naira to keep the fast for Kartik and accept the gift. Naira consoles her friend and then attends Kairav. She realizes that he has got the costly bangles. Dadi and Vedika search for the missing bangles. They wonder where did the bangles go. Gayu tells them that the bangles aren’t there. Kairav reveals that he had taken the bangles to show Naira. He asks Kartik to gift it to Naira with love. He tells them that he won’t give bangles to anyone.


Vedika turns upset since situation is going against her. Naira explains Kairav that Kartik is gifting the bangles to Vedika, since its a sign of gratitude. Vedika gets happy to get her rights in the form of the bangles. Kairav asks Kartik if Vedika is his friend. Vedika answers her that she is just a friend, nothing more than that. Kairav apologizes to her. Naira wants to keep her promise and leave from Kartik’s life soon. Kairav makes Kartik promise that he will get a better gift for Naira. He wants Kartik and Naira to celebrate Teej together. He meets Liza and turns happy that she will be living with them in Goenka house.

Singhanias worry for Naira’s situation. They prepare the Teej shagun for Vedika. They realize that Naira will be upset when she learns that Vedika had taken her place even in Singhania family. They feel bad that Naira had faked her death and stayed away from their lives for long. They think Naira has been wrong. Kairav’s illness melts their hearts. They realize the pain and sorrow Naira is going through because of her ailing son. They wish Naira finds happiness and Kairav recovers soon. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani want Naksh to take the shagun for Vedika at the time when Naira isn’t around so that her heart doesn’t get aching with the realization.

They are in dilemma that the shagun for Vedika will create more problems for Naira. They cry that they aren’t able to support Naira. Liza tells Naira that there is no way to track her boyfriend, who isn’t in contact now. Naira tells her that they can take help from the police to track his number. Liza tells that her boyfriend never sent any photo to her. Naira tells her that she can’t be so foolish, the man was secretly having an affair and wanted to hide it from everyone. Liza tells her that she wants a proper closure to the relation after knowing the breakup reason.

She requests Naira to find him and make her meet him once for the final time. Naira wants to track him and promises Liza. Meanwhile, Gayu explains Vedika that Naira is back and she is everywhere now. Vedika wants to keep patience, since Naira has promised her and gave an assurance that she would leave soon. She doesn’t care for Gayu’s warning. Vedika prepares for Teej. Naira misses Akshara deeply and thinks only Akshara could have understood her decision, which broke many hearts. She has received much anger and hatred from the family because of her decision. She breaks down. Suwarna becomes her mum to pacify her in the weak moment.

She tells Naira that Akshara gave her responsibility to her. Naira tells her that she is feeling bad to see everyone hurt. She shares about Liza’s problem with Suwarna. She shares about Liza’s boyfriend Anil. Suwarna gives her clues when she gets the phone number. She tells Naira that she can find the man soon. Naira wants to catch that man and make him apologize to Liza. She learns that man is connected to Goenkas. Will Naira find about Akhilesh and Liza’s relation? Keep reading.

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