Colors Spoilers Gathbandhan Bepannah Pyaar

Colors Spoilers Gathbandhan Bepannah Pyaar

Colors Spoilers Gathbandhan Bepannah Pyaar Dhanak feels the pain when she is ripped off her duty and medals. Raghu begs to her seniors for her sake. This brings a weak moment for Raghu and Dhanak. Maai and Bharat are happy that Dhanak has finally lost her job. Maai watches Dhanak crying. She feels at peace. Maai and Bharat’s plans gets heard by Taai. Maai tells her that she didn’t hurt Dhanak just for revenge, she wants to save her Raghu from Dhanak’s trap. She doesn’t think Dhanak is worthy of Raghu. Raghu gets to read Dhanak’s defamation news. He hides the newspaper from Dhanak and entire chawl people. He doesn’t want Dhanak to face more humiliation. Dhanak gets tagged as a traitor.

Raghu is Maai’s weakness. She loves him a lot and can’t see him hurt. She learns that police has caught Raghu and thrashed him. Raghu returns to the chawl. Maai turns furious. She scolds him for risking his life. She questions him for creating a scene at the police station. She feels this has happened because of Dhanak. She slaps him and beats him with her slipper.

She tells him that he loves her and should think of her peace as well. She doesn’t want to share his love with Dhanak. Saku Taai tells Maai that this is happening because of Maai’s evil plans. She asks Maai to fix things before she loses Raghu.

Colors Spoilers Gathbandhan Bepannah Pyaar:

Raghbir realizes his love for Pragati. His heart calls for Raghbir. He introduces Mr. and Mrs. Chadda to the family. He finds strange that Pragati knows them. He questions Pragati about them. She lies to him. Pragati gets a shock when she finds her honeymoon video. She recalls the past time when she was with Raghbir as Bani. She loved Raghbir immensely and didn’t expect any cheat from him. She gets to see the mystery person in the video. She hides the new found proof from Raghbir. She still doubts on Raghbir. She wants to know why Raghbir took that deadly move.


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