Tellyreviews Spoilers Snips 5th September 2019

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Tellyreviews Spoilers Snips 5th September 2019 Tujhse Hai Raabta Malhar unites with his family. He has always stayed away from his family. He gets his mum, dad and a sister. He realizes that his sister Swara is a thief. Aao Saheb catches Swara stealing the temple jewllery. She slaps Swara. Malhar feels ashamed of Swara on learnign the matter. Aao Saheb and Atharv insult Malhar further. Malhar is shocked that his sister robbed the jewellery. Swara hates him. Swara doesn’t like Kalyani and wants to trouble her. Malhar takes his family home. Malhar and Kalyani will ruin their peace with Swara’s entry. Malhar wants to bring Swara on the right path.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Saltanat and Zaroon feel each other’s presence at the Dargah. They have many hits and misses. Saltanat’s fate tricks her again. She misses to meet Zaroon after reaching him. She gets to see Zaroon’s face which resembles the person hidden in her lost memories. She gets the memory flashes and recalls her past life fragments. She doesn’t know who she is. She completely forgets herself and wants to get her answers after making prayers at the Dargah. Zaroon too prays for his wife, feeling guilty that she is in danger because of him. Kainat undergoes the face reconstruction surgery. Zaroon feels bad that she has lost her face because of his provocation.

He doesn’t know that Kainat is living as his wife Saltanat and she is in the hospital right now. He still prays for Saltanat’s well being. His prayers get fulfilled when he gets to see a glimpse of Saltanat. He can’t believe his eyes. Madhav wants to be alert since anyone can see Saltanat. He doesn’t want to lose his enemy Kainat. He wants her to hide her face from the people. Saltanat makes prayers like before. Madhav doesn’t let the fate unite Zaroon and Saltanat. He drags her to the car before Zaroon sees her. He wants to know if she regained her memory. She breaks down and reveals that she lost everything about her identity.

He gets angered that his plan failed. He gets rude towards her, shocking her again. He wants to take revenge on Kainat soon. Madhav loses Krish at the Dargah. He looks for him in between the crowd. Krish falls down and gets hurt. Zaroon cares for Krish and helps him reach his dad. Krish informs Madhav about his location. He befriends Zaroon and promises to stay in touch. Zaroon gets a new little friend. He senses Saltanat close to him. He misses to see her. Madhav tricks Zaroon and takes Saltanat and Krish home.

Dhanak gets insulted by the chawl people. She has been targeted by Maai and Bharat. The people call Dhanak a traitor. They scold her for not doing her duty well and helping the criminal escape. Raghu scolds the people and defends his wife. He tells them that Dhanak always worked for the country, she can never be wrong, since she has reformed a goon like him. He wants to stand by Dhanak. He lectures the people to make them understand that Dhanak is innocent. Dhanak prays that all her problems end. Maai enjoys the sight and wants Dhanak to break down. Raghu becomes Dhanak’s strength.

Nimki Vidhayak:
Nimki tries to meet Ganga Devi. When the guard stops her, she takes a disguise to meet her. She acts as doctor to meet Ganga. She finds Ganga meeting her son Parag. She feels Ganga is a helpless mother, though she is a good politician. She tries to leave, but gets caught by Ganga. Ganga knows about Nimki’s presence. She questions Nimki about her visit. Nimki gets worried. Anaro wants to run away from the hospital and meet Babbu.

Mintu doesn’t meet her. Anaro breaks the door and runs. The nurse catches Anaro and puts her in the ward again. She informs Nimki about Anaro’s escape move. Nimki didn’t expect Anaro to react like that. She speaks to Anaro and pacifies her. Anaro reveals that Babbu has returned. She tells Nimki about seeing Babbu in the hospital corridor. Nimki can’t believe this. She feels Anaro is hallucinating because of medicines.


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