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Star Plus High Rated Top 2 Show highlights Kulfi Kumar Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Sikandar gets happy to celebrate Bappa aarti with his daughters. He gets bit tensed about Amyra. He prays that Amyra always trusts him and doesn’t get against him like before. He has got Amyra with much difficulty. He wishes to have positive Amyra. Kulfi knows his pain. She prays that his pain and sorrow come to an end. She wishes that their situation changes for the good. She knows what he is going through. She sits with the idol to light the diya at night. She feels sleepy. Kulfi and the kids go to sleep when the elders ask them to go. The chawl people want to stay with Bappa. Sikandar asks Kulfi and Amyra to get ready for their school. He asks them to have breakfast.

Kulfi adjusts with her life. She lies that she isn’t hungry and goes to school. Sikandar heads for the job. He meets the client at the restaurant where he plays music as part of his job. He gets to hear a person’s conversation. The restaurant owner likes Sikandar’s talent. Sikandar realizes that the owner is actually a don. He thinks he got stuck here. Amyra gets worried when she faces insult by her friends. She tells Kulfi that her friends abandoned her and made her feel poor. She gets too upset. She shares her pain with Kulfi. She tells that she doesn’t want to lose her name in the school. Kulfi doesn’t drink water and thinks of keeping the fast for Sikandar.

Sikandar tells the owner that he won’t sing at his restaurant, since he wants to earn clean money. He leaves the job by his wish. The owner wants him to sing before leaving. Sikandar gets helpless. On the other hand, Lovely and Nihalo meet the prisoner, who knows their plan. The prisoner tells them that she may help them in escape plan. She wants to escape as well. Nihalo explains Lovely that they should take her help, else the lady will tell the jailer. She plans to trick the lady later. Lovely agrees with her. Sikandar plays the piano. He earns money for the last time and goes home. Kulfi gets happy when he comes home.

She hugs him shockingly. He tells her that he has earned the money the wrong way. He isn’t happy within. She doesn’t listen to him. She tells Amyra that her wish is fulfilling, she will get the AC soon. Amyra tells Kulfi that she doesn’t want an AC, but everything that she lost, even her lost respect. Kulfi finds Amyra’s mood too upset.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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Star Plus High Rated Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ishita sympathizes with Natasha, knowing her suicidal tendency. She doesn’t want Natasha to hurt herself. Natasha gets determined to get DNA test done to prove that Raman is her husband. Sudha sees Natasha and then insults her. She tags Natasha as a greedy woman. She feels Natasha is doing everything for money. Sudha and Natasha’s argument gets too loud that the neighbors step in to watch the drama. Ishita asks Natasha not to hype the drama and let them reach to some solution by the help of police. Natasha disagrees and seeks help from the society secretary. She complains about the Bhallas. Her brother Sunil calms her down and tells Bhallas that Natasha is mentally disturbed.

He makes a plan to befriend Bhallas. Arijit and Sunil act in front of Bhallas. They act like helping Bhallas. Sunil tells Natasha that Arijit messaged him to do this drama so that they can get the DNA sample for the test. Raman gets stressed by the drama. He locks himself up. He wants to get rid of Natasha. Sunil tells Natasha that he will go to get help from Bhallas by plotting a new drama, so that she can get close to Raman to get the sample for test. Raman loses hope that things will get fine. He feels so bad that Ruhi’s marriage halted because of him. The family supports Raman like always.

Sunil begs Raman to help him, since Natasha isn’t taking her medicines and risking her life further. He doesn’t want to lose his sister. He manipulates them and asks them to just help Natasha. Raman gets compelled by Ishita to meet Natasha. Raman tries to help Natasha, but she acts cunning. She hugs him to take the hair strand. Raman clears that he isn’t her husband. Raman angrily goes back to Bhalla house and tells them how Natasha was hugging him and getting close. Simmi loses her cool on hearing this. She wants to throw Natasha out of Iyer house. Ishita stops Simmi from making any mistake. She wants to find some way to deal with Natasha, knowing she is in depression. Natasha and Sunil inform Arijit about the sample taken.

Sunil meets Arijit to take his help in getting DNA test done secretly. Arijit asks the lab person to inform him the test results soon. He then bribes the man to forge the reports. He wants to challenge Raman’s identity. He wants Raman to lose his real identity of Raman Bhalla by bringing the fake DNA reports. He is sure that even Ishita won’t be able to challenge the DNA reports. What will Raman and Ishita do? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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