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TellyReviews Quick Spoiler Friday Alert Bahu Begum Azaan tells Razia that even though he is forced to marry twice, but he is not like his Abbu. Razia is deeply upset with Azaan and Shayra. Noor comes for Muh dikhayi rasam. Suraiyya tells the guests that today is Noor’s Muh dikhayi, but she is feeling bad for Shayra as her Muh dikhayi rasam didn’t happen. She makes her wear her bangle as the Muh dikhayi gift. Shayra feels bad when the ladies gossip. Noor smiles to see Shayra hurt.

Azaan comes there and says Shayra’s Muh dikhayi was about to happen when an accident happened in which Noor’s Ammi and her fiance died. He says Noor couldn’t bear this trauma and my generous wife felt sympathetic for her and gave her husband to Noor in charity. He makes Shayra sit and says that’s why her Muh dikhayi rasam will start first. He covers dupatta on Shayra’s head and says let’s start the rasam. Noor is shocked and angry. The ladies see Shayra’s face first. Noor gets angry on Shayra for ruining her Muh dikhayi rasam. Azaan hopes to break Polygamy and divorce Noor.

Muskaan: Muskaan and Ronak hide their secret meet from everyone. Ronak promises to take her home soon. Chamki gets sighted by Amma. Muskaan gets alert that Amma is coming. Inder tells Kuldeep that Muskaan is his responsibility. He wants to see her. Kuldeep wants to meet Chamki.

Ronak tells his plan to Muskaan. He tells her that they will escape at night, with the help of Hanumant and Gayatri. Muskaan is happy that she will get free. She wants to inform Chamki. Ronak asks her to tell her only if she is reliable. Muskaan feels Chamki may get scared and tell the truth. She doesn’t want to tell the complete plan. Amma stops Inder and Kuldeep from meeting the girls. Ronak leaves from Muskaan’s room before Maalik calls him.

He tells that he has fixed the fan. Maalik meets Hukum and the village men. Hukum tells Maalik that Muskaan will ignite the spark and burn their village. He asks Maalik to control Muskaan. The village women idolize Muskaan and regard her a Devi. They tell Muskaan that they have come to meet her for a purpose. They are happy that Muskaan has raised the respect of women. Maalik asks Hukum how did his village women come to his place. Hukum scolds the women. Muskaan gets happy to get the respect. Maalik taunts Hukum, who lost his mum as well. Hukum tells Maalik that he will teach him how to control Muskaan. He orders his men to scare the women.

Muskaan stops the men from hurting the women. She pours kerosene on Hukum and threatens to burn him alive. Maalik finds her bold move again. He asks Hukum and all the people to leave right away. He knows how to handle Muskaan. Chamki feels helpless. She gets scared of Maalik. She asks Muskaan to always be with her. Muskaan wants to share her plan, but Amma intervenes. Muskaan fails to tell her plan. Hanumant informs Ronak about the escape route. Maalik overhears Ronak’s conversation and asks him where does he want to go. Muskaan tries to cut the window rod, when Maalik reaches here. Maalik suspects that Muskaan is trying to escape.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:

Madhav avoids coming in Zaroon’s sight. He takes Saltanat and Krish home. He scolds Saltanat for not carrying a phone. Saltanat tells Madhav that Krish is too young and doesn’t need a phone. She thinks of her childhood. Madhav worries seeing Krish’s wound. He expresses his concern. Saltanat thinks Madhav had a bad childhood. Indu and Sneha worry seeing Krish when they return home. Madhav asks Krish to take rest.

Saltanat tries to recall her past. She helps Krish in a drawing project. She unknowingly makes Zaroon’s sketch. Krish realizes that its the same guy whom he met at the Dargah. He tells her about Zaroon and asks her to call him. She calls Zaroon, but fails to talk to him. Zaroon learns that Kainat’s surgery is done. He goes to meet her. He is guilty. Jugal tries to misbehave with Saltanat. Sneha controls her husband. She wants to send Saltanat away from the house soon.

Patiala Babes:

Minnie asks Micky to arrange the things for the guests. He asks her not to take any burden, he is there to manage. Hanuman is happy seeing Minnie’s maturity. He wishes Minnie to always stay loving. He tells her that their relation should always stay the same, like friends. He doesn’t want to dominate Minnie like a typical father. Hanuman gets emotional when he unlocks his old room. His memories of his first wife get revived. Biji asks him to get the room cleaned, he will be marrying soon and needs to give the room to Babita. He tells Minnie that the room belonged to his first wife. Minnie tells him that she will remove his memories and not let anything affect Babita’s happiness.


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