Bahu Begum Vish Colors Spoilers Today

Bahu Begum Noor Shocking avatar of Tawaif next

Bahu Begum Vish Colors Spoilers Today Noor is jealous when Azaan romances Shayra. The love triangle gets hurtful for Noor. She hates to watch Shayra getting Azaan’s attention. She wishes to spend quality time with Azaan. She doesn’t get to hear anything good from him. She gets angry and sheds tears. Azaan cares for Shayra. He loves her a lot and expresses that he will just be of him. Azaan and Shayra’s dinner date ruins Noor’s dreams. Noor finds them close and cries. Azaan never wanted to marry Noor.

He has married Noor just for Shayra’s sake. He clears to Noor that he will never have any feelings for Noor. He just wants to be with his first wife Shayra. When Shayra asks him not to be rude towards Noor, he gets upset and asks her not to mention about Noor. She feels sorry to upset him. Noor wants to separate them and makes new plans to get Azaan. Azaan is sure to fail Noor’s every plan. He feels victorious since Shayra is with him. He doesn’t want Shayra to fall weak and get trapped by Noor’s emotional blackmailing again.


Alia and Aditya celebrate Ganpati festive. Alia dances during the Sindoor Khela. Sabrina is afraid of losing her powers. She gets help from Kalankini. Alia has a belief that she will stay protected from evil powers. Alia and Rudra Maa dance in the pandal. Alia begins her tough Tapasya. Sabrina wants to fill poison in their lives again. Kalankini will be ruining Alia’s Tapasya. She is an evil spirit, who is summoned by Sabrina purposely. Aditya and Alia will be fighting the evil team of Sabrina and Kalankini. Rudra Maa wants to protect Aditya and Alia.

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