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Colors Shakti Vedant returns Bepannah Pyaar Gathbandhan: Dhanak gets insulted by everyone when she visits the market. Dhanak gets silent. Raghu gets angry seeing Dhanak’s humiliation. He gets into a fight with Tiwari. He learns Tiwari’s plan and beats him up. Bharat and Maai have exposed Tiwari to save themselves in Raghu’s eyes. They also slap Tiwari and blame him for cheating them. Bharat acts protective of Raghu and Dhanak. He tells Raghu that they didn’t know Tiwari is behind this, Tiwari has taken advantage of his innocence. Raghu doesn’t know that his real enemies are his parents, who hate Dhanak.


Vedant returns in Soumya’s life after five years. He has the same passion and madness to obtain Soumya’s love. He still expresses his obsession for Soumya. He calculates the days when he was away from Soumya. He wants to win Soumya some way since he has come back just for her. He feels he still looks as much beautiful as before. He is happy that even Harman isn’t present in Soumya’s life to stop him. He takes the extreme step to kidnap Heer. He threatens to kill Heer, while the police chases him. Vedant wants to win Soumya at any cost. Vedant becomes a trouble for Heer.

Bepannah Pyaar:

Pragati prays at the bank of a river. She tests the truth. She wants to fight for the truth. She wants to know the result of her fight with Raghbir. She doesn’t want to lose her courage. She trips and falls into the river, much to Raghbir’s shock. The family worries for Pragati, while Raghbir runs to her rescue.

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