Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn rejoices over Preeta’s marriage

Kundali Bhagya Sufiyana Pyaar Spoiler Highlights

Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn rejoices over Preeta’s marriage Rakhi always regarded Preeta as her daughter. She loved Preeta and attended her marriage. She didn’t wish to hurt her family by supporting Prithvi. She hates Prithvi. She doesn’t love Preeta, knowing she is marrying Prithvi. She assures the family that she also loves Preeta. The family is remorseful for Mahesh. They want Prithvi to get punished. Sherlyn is happy that Prithvi is paying for the cheat. The family failed to punish Prithvi and get justice for Mahesh because of Preeta. Rishabh becomes the family’s support in a tough time. The family wants him to get justice for Mahesh.

Rishabh promises to not spare the culprit, be it anyone. Sherlyn feels Prithvi cheated her and deserves this punishment. Rishabh pacifies all the family members. He asks Sherlyn to be with the family in such sorrowful times. Karan and Preeta’s slow-paced marriage goes on non-stop and doesn’t complete soon. Sarla sheds tears and does the gathbandhan of Preeta. She feels the pain of bidding farewell to her preciously dear daughter Preeta. Preeta also cries thinking that she will be going away with Prithvi. She doesn’t know that she is marrying Luthra. She feels her relation with Luthra is finally ending.

She thinks she is out of Karan’s life forever. Karan is going to fail her assumption. Meanwhile, Sherlyn tries to get in Rishabh’s good books. Rishabh asks her not to think about Prithvi. He apologizes to her for not valuing her before. He tells her that Preeta was ruling the hearts in Luthra house, but now she isn’t trustworthy. He tells Sherlyn that he regrets to misunderstand her. He apologizes to her on his family’s behalf. He gets believing her like never before. His apology wins her heart. She gets glad to win her husband. He asks her to bond with the family and not prove herself.

He wants her to claim her rights as Luthra family’s daughter-in-law. Sherlyn gets surprised. Rishabh tells her that he trusts Sherlyn. Sherlyn is happy that she is free from Prithvi now. She looks forward to moving on in her marriage with a good person like Rishabh, who is paying her much respect. She thinks it will be good that Prithvi marries Preeta. She doesn’t want Preeta to marry Karan ever. She wants to rule Rishabh and family all alone. Preeta recalls her life’s most precious relations while marrying Karan. The misunderstanding in Karan’s mind doesn’t give him happiness. Preeta clears her heart from Karan’s memories.

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