Patiala Babes and Nimki Vidhayak Upcomings

Patiala Babes and Nimki Vidhayak Upcomings

Patiala Babes and Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Minnie dances in Babita’s Sangeet. Minnie is planning Babita’s marriage with Hanuman. She gets all the attention for Babita. She invites neighbours and relatives. She organizes the Jaago ritual. She is proud to get her mum married. She keeps the pot on her head and dances. The groom’s family tries to break the pot. Minnie manages to save the pot while passing it to others in her team. Babita is happy seeing Minnie. Minnie makes Babita dance as well. Everyone enjoys the function and praises Minnie’s efforts. Hanuman and Babita like the ambience of the celebrations. Minnie spreads happiness around by her Punjabi kudi avatar.

Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming: Nimki files the police complaint against Parag. Inspector doesn’t listen to her. Nimki thinks the police won’t help common people. Mintu is worried for Anaro. He wants to know about Anaro. He wants to file a police complaint. He tells Dadi that Anaro was calling him a son. Dadi tells him that he isn’t Anaro’s son. He wants to know about his parents.

Dadi asks Mintu to stay happy, she loves him a lot and wants him to be content. Mintu apologizes to her. Nimki doesn’t want to leave Anaro helpless. Monu tries to cheer her up. Constable tells about Nimki’s relative Anaro’s accident committed by Parag. Inspector doesn’t know what to do. Dadi wants Mintu to get married soon. She thinks he will be happy once he settles down. She learns that Ganga Devi’s son had committed the accident. She gets a shock. Mintu tells her about Ganga Devi. Nimki also learns the truth. She wants Parag to get punished for his crime.

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