Star Highlights Nimki Vidhayak and Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Star Bharat Highlights Top 2 Today

Star Highlights Nimki Vidhayak and Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Saltanat understands Sneha’s plans. She realizes that Sneha was trapping her by dropping her at the brothel. She tries to run away from the brothel. She gets kidnapped. Madhav reaches in time and saves Saltanat from the evil goons. Zaroon also reaches there on Krish’s calls. Zaroon saves Madhav from the goons, and doesn’t get to see Saltanat with Madhav. Madhav takes Saltanat and Krish home. Saltanat tells Madhav that she doesn’t want to go to his house, since its really dangerous to stay with them. She tells about Sneha’s evil move. Madhav apologizes and asks her to at least come for Krish’s sake. Saltanat agrees to him only for Krish’s sake.

He takes her home. Saltanat gets angry on Sneha for falling so low. Madhav also vents anger on Sneha. Sneha reminds him that Kainat is Sakshi’s murderer. She asks him did he forget his revenge. She doesn’t think she did wrong with their enemy. She asks him to keep Krish away from their enemy. Madhav doesn’t know how to make Krish away. He finds Krish happy with Saltanat. He sends Krish to his room. Saltanat takes care of Krish like a good friend. Madhav gets emotional seeing them. Krish gets Zaroon home. Madhav gets a huge shock on seeing them.

Star Highlights Nimki Vidhayak:


Anaro gets to see Mintu and asks Nimki to run out to stop Babbu. Nimki asks Anaro to accept that truth that Babbu left Anaro long time back. She wants Anaro to believe her. Anaro plays with Nimki. She pushes Nimki and runs out of the hospital. She calls Mintu as Babbu. She asks him to stop. She runs on the road and gets knocked down by Parag’s car. Mintu attempts to stop the accident. He fails to save Anaro. Parag flees from there. Mintu takes Anaro to the hospital. Nimki learns about the accident. Mintu gets Anaro treated. Dadi wants Mintu to come with her. He wants to give statement to the police against Parag.

Dadi doesn’t want him to get involved in any problem. She takes Mintu. Nimki gets worried for Anaro. She doesn’t tell the doctor about Babbu. Anaro tells her that Babbu has come back and he got her to the hospital. Nimki doesn’t know what’s the truth. She calls Sweety to inform about Anaro. Sweety doesn’t want to know about Anaro. She doesn’t care for Anaro. Nimki asks her to come to the hospital once and meet her mum. Sweety asks her not to ruin her life after Anaro and go home. Abhimanyu asks Sweety to meet Anaro, since Anaro is her mum. Sweety doesn’t agree to him. Nimki learns that Mintu admitted Anaro in the hospital. She wants to know who is he.


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