Kulfi Kumarr Lovely’s ghostly avatar next

Kulfi Kumarr Lovely's ghostly avatar next

Kulfi Kumarr Lovely’s ghostly avatar next Kulfi tells Amyra that they should not focus on other’s words. Amyra tells her that her friend is intentionally doing this to hurt her. Kulfi understands what Amyra means to say. Kulfi tells her that she will not spare the girl now and teach her a lesson of a lifetime. Sikandar wants to leave the job. He meets the restaurant owner and asks him why did he reach there by following him. The owner tells him that the goons would have killed him if he didn’t come on time and stopped them. Sikandar understands his help and thanks to him. He tells him that he will work for him until he pays the loan. He plays the piano. The owner asks him to sing his favorite song for him.

Sikandar sings the song so well that the owner gets emotional. Sikandar asks him the matter. The owner tells him that his singing reminded him his past memories. On the other hand. Kulfi asks Amyra and her friends to attend the Ganpati aarti. When the friends agree, Kulfi teaches them a lesson. She asks them to sit. She scares the girl and makes her lie in the dirt. The girl feels embarrassed and leaves in anger. Kulfi settles the scores for Amrya. They are happy and hug. They get the prasad. Lovely witnesses their moment and feels emotional.

She wants to take Amyra with her. She waits for the night to get Amyra. She goes to Sikandar’s chawl room to get Amyra. She finds Sikandar with his daughters. Amyra sees Lovely and thinks she is some thief. She shouts to wake up everyone. Lovely runs away from there. She feels Amyra should have at least heard her once. She hides under the pandal stage. Kulfi tells them that no one is near the pandal. Himmat asks the boys to stay with the idol.

Lovely wants to leave somehow. Kulfi and Amyra get ready for the school. Kulfi wants Amyra to forget everything. Sikandar is happy seeing their bonding. Kulfi tells him that all their fears will be away. Lovely wants to get Amyra from the school. She thinks this will be the best way. Lovely hides inside a cupboard. A lady locks the cupboard. Lovely gets panicking. She wants someone to help her.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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