Tellyreviews Wednesday Spoilers Top 5

Tellyreviews Spoilers Top 5 Shakti Bahu Begum Sardaarni

Tellyreviews Wednesday Spoilers Top 5 Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Raavan: Rivaaj hears Mayura talking to Khanak. He comes to Mayura and asks her to come to room. As he was taking her to room, Premlatha comes and stops Mayura, asks her to stay in her old room till Navratri ends. Mayura goes to her room. Rivaaj gets upset as his plan failed to know her identity. Mayura goes to the Police station, but don’t find anything on that place. When she enquires, she comes to know that filmy set used to set there. She thinks to search Ram anyhow and thinks Durga Maa will help her. Rivaaj spies on her. She finds him standing outside her room and asks what is he hiding? He finds a burnt mark on her shoulder and thinks what kind of mark is this. Rani doesn’t want him to know her real identity.

Shakti: Harak Singh relieves Preeto and Soumya from Heer’s responsibility. Mahi hopes Heer’s truth will be out now. Harak Singh gives Heer’s responsibility to Mahi shocking her. Vedant comes to his house and stares Soumya while she is sleeping with Soham and Rohan. He says he was away from her since 5 years, but now he will get her as he returned and tells that now it is easy for him to get her as Harman is not alive. Soumya wakes up and opens her eyes. She is about to see Vedant.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Anupriya sees a saree and says it is made by us. Swara says it is bought by her from a shop and even has a receipt. Anupriya gets doubtful and tells Kalyani that they shall check the receipt once. Baap ji along with Sarthak and his family is hiding a big truth from Malhar. He asks Sarthak and his wife to make sure that Anupriya shall not know whatever happened. Anupriya finds something.

Kumkum Bhagya: Meera informs everyone that Sahil and other men present there are smugglers and came to steal the jewellery. Everyone panics and run. The smuggler holds Prachi, but Ranbir saves her. Sahil holds Rhea and keeps knife on her neck threatening to slit her neck. He asks Pandit ji to remove the jewellery from Ganesh idol. Abhi comes there and is shocked to see Rhea on knife point by Sahil. He asks him to leave his daughter. Sahil tells that they came to get the jewellery.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan and Preeta are finally married. Karan thinks Preeta got the kinnar’s blessings as cursed. They take everyone’s blessings. Sarla asks him to lift the sehra and show his face. Karan gets tensed. He reveals his face to everyone shocking Preeta and Sarla.

Bahu Begum: Azaan gets upset seeing Noor bringing food for him and refuses to meet her. Noor gets angry and files case against Razia in the woman organization. Razia gets the notice and comes there with Azaan and Shayra and asks who has filed a case against her. Noor lifts her burqa veil and says I have filed the case. Razia, Azaan and Shayra are shocked to see her bad side once again. Noor accuses Razia with fake charges to blackmail Azaan.


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