Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Yug becomes Arijit’s target

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Yug becomes Arijit's target

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Yug becomes Arijit’s target Mihika and Simmi make plans to talk to Mrs. Goel to get help in Natasha’s matter. They meet Mrs. Goel, the chairman’s wife. They try to explain Raman and Ishita’s situation to get Mrs. Goel’s sympathy. They tell about the stress they are handling. They complain about Natasha. They plead to Mrs. Goel to help them in knowing Natasha’s background. Mrs. Goel agrees to help them. She tells Mihika that she knows Raman and Ishita well, but can’t support them further. Mihika asks her to trust them and not support Natasha.

She tells that Natasha is a fraud and they are just trying to expose Natasha’s motives. Mihika assures that they will be proving Raman right in the case. Simmi also reveals about Natasha cheating them and getting Raman’s DNA test done. She tells that Natasha has failed badly and even then she isn’t sparing Bhallas. Mrs. Goel wants the truth to come out. Simmi and Mihika inform Ishita and Yug about getting Natasha’s background details from Mrs. Goel. Ishita asks Yug to find about Natasha by visiting the hospital where her treatment is going on.

Yug gets collecting more information about Natasha. He enquires about her. He realizes that Natasha has provided wrong information to the chairman. His friend helps him by confirming that Natasha isn’t a patient in their hospital. Yug wonders what are her hidden intentions. He wants to know her agenda. He gets worried that she had lied about her depression. He thinks she can get much dangerous. He informs Ishita that Natasha has lied, she is really fraud. Yug then finds Natasha going to another hospital.

Arijit wants Raman to take tension. He sees Raman normal and calm. He can’t see Raman and Ishita happy. He wants to disturb their normal life. He calls Natasha to ask her to disturb Raman’s life again. Natasha assures that she will not spare Bhallas. Arijit wishes her luck to get her husband. Yug follows Natasha to the same hospital where Neeti is admitted. He lies to the doctor and tries to get Natasha’s medical history. Arijit finds him and puts hurdles in his plans. He gets the doctor’s attention.

He cooks up a story and frames Yug in Neeti’s accident. He tells the doctor that Yug is a big threat for Neeti. He asks doctor to throw out Yug from the hospital as soon as possible before Yug plans anything to reach Neeti. He gets hyper and convinces the doctor. Yug learns that the doctor doesn’t want to meet him. He finds it weird and goes away. Arijit thinks to target Yug and break the Bhalla family. He knows Yug doesn’t belong to Bhallas. He makes new plans. Yug informs the family that he failed to know about Natasha. Raman states that his enemy who tried to kill him is helping Natasha. He is left with no option than to become Shardul. He tries to win Natasha’s confidence to know her motives. Natasha refuses to believe Raman instantly.

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