Colors Dual Spoilers Bahu Begum Shakti more

Colors Dual Spoilers Bahu Begum Shakti more

Colors Dual Spoilers Bahu Begum Shakti more Shayra holds Noor’s hand. Noor asks what is this misbehavior? Shayra says she will do it now and takes her outside the house holding her hand. She says I did one mistake and says gave you whatever you asked me in return of that mistake, now scores are settled. She pushes her out of the house and asks her to tell why she shall let her stay in this house and Azaan’s life after whatever wrong she did. Noor says you can’t do this with me and gets angry. Shayra says you didn’t see yet what I can do and can’t do. She threatens to throw her out if she doesn’t mend her ways, behavior and actions.

Shakti: After coming from school. Kids dance outside the house with the neighbor’s kids. A boy says now Heer’s vidaai will happen. Preeto comes out and asks what is happening here. A neighbor says she is a girl and will have to go from here one day. Preeto says for me, she needs to be competent and educated and says marriage isn’t needed for Heer. Everyone is shocked. Neighbors gossip. Soumya comes and handles the situation.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Raavan: Kesha scolds Tashi for taking Mayura’s side and tells that nobody can snatch Rivaaj from her. Tashi tells Roop that she will go to Mayura and tell her to keep eye on Rivaaj. Roop asks will you complain about my sister. Tashi says Kesha has gone mad for Rivaaj and says she is obsessed for him which is dangerous. Premlatha and Premraj find Mayura hypnotized. Rivaaj controls Mayura and takes her to room in the night. He asks her to tell what is her planning and who is Mayura.

Mayura says she came to ruin him. Rivaaj asks who is she? Mayura says she is not Mayura, but your wife. Rivaaj says I know and asks him to tell her truth. He asks who is Mayura? Mayura says fraud, whom Ram has sent to take revenge from you. He shows the pendant and asks who gave you? Mayura says Ram gave. She sees a mosquito and tells him. He claps two times. She recalling fooling him. Rivaaj gets papers of Khanak’s custody papers and his property papers which is transferred to Rukmani. He thinks Rukmani must be knowing who is she. He thinks to find out.


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