Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Zaroon Saltanat meet lined up

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Zaroon Saltanat meet lined up

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Zaroon Saltanat meet lined up Kainat hires someone to find about Saltanat. Zaroon gets Saltanat’s picture and asks her about it. She cleverly lies to Zaroon. Kainat covers up her plans. She gets a huge surprise from Zaroon. On the other hand, Madhav tells Saltanat that he knows where to take her. He promises to take her home where she will meet her family. He asks her not to react until then and cooperate with his family. He knows his family hates Saltanat and can’t help it. Zaroon decorates the room and impresses his wife. He doesn’t know she is Kainat. He tells her that his love will never get less for her.

He tries to get romantic, which comes as a big surprise for her. Kainat gets happy that finally Zaroon is romancing her. Kainat fails to reciprocate Zaroon’s love. She starts feeling sick. Meanwhile, Saltanat stays with Krish. Krish wants her to stay safe. He asks the maid to ward off bad sight from his friend, Kashish. Krish asks Saltanat to not leave him. She asks him to get ready for the school. Madhav asks her to get ready so that she can meet her old memories.

Saltanat gets too happy when Madhav takes her to the Sufi Dargah. She gets memory flashes. She gets compelled and gets dizzy. Rubina and Nadim help her out. Saltanat’s face is covered in a veil. They fail to see her. Zaroon is also present at the Dargah. When he calls Saltanat, she hears his call and goes to him. Zaroon and Saltanat have a hit and miss because of Madhav. Madhav doesn’t want to let Kainat go out of his trap. He wishes to take revenge on Kainat for her evil move to kill his sister Sakshi. Madhav has no idea about Kainat’s cunning switch with Saltanat.



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