YRKKH Latest Twist Lisa exposes Akhilesh’s truth

YRKKH Latest Twist Lisa exposes Akhilesh's truth

YRKKH Latest Twist Lisa exposes Akhilesh’s truth Vedika gets suspecting Kartik and Naira. She gets angry and throws the puja flowers. The circumstances make Kaira fall in suspicion. Dadi tells Suwarna that she wants to worship Bappa with a hope that her family will get rid of all the troubles. Suwarna asks her to go ahead with her puja plans if this gives her peace. She doesn’t want Dadi to stay in any fear. Naira doesn’t want Lisa to leave this way. She asks Lisa to wait until she gets justice, until Akhilesh recognizes her and apologizes for his misdeed. She feels Akhilesh had no right to cheat Lisa. Lisa breaks down. Naira convinces her to stay back.

Kartik gets a lift from Naira when his car fuel gets over. Naira asks him the reason for visiting Singhanias. He tells her about his wish to give an assurance to Lisa. He is scared to break Akhilesh’s affair truth to Surekha. He is sure that Surekha will break down. He feels Akhilesh has done too wrong with Surekha. Naira consoles Kartik. Vedika spots them together once again. She wants Naira to stay away from Kartik. Kartik explains the scenario to Vedika. Vedika doesn’t get convinced. She shows Naira her place and makes her away from Kartik.

Naira feels strange that Vedika is driving in rage. She knows that suspicion is growing in Vedika’s mind. She wants to talk to Vedika and clarify things. Akhilesh sinks in guilt and weeps that he didn’t wrong with Lisa. Kartik hears his confession. He wants Akhilesh to rectify his mistake. Naira and Vedika get into a clash. Vedika has feelings of anger and jealousy, while Naira has feelings of concern for the family. Naira rectifies Vedika’s mistake.

She also advises Vedika to just see the truth, than believing something wrong. Vedika want to know Naira’s intentions. Kairav learns that Lisa has come home. He wants her to come inside and become a part of the puja. Kairav compels Lisa to come with him. Lisa breaks down on seeing Akhilesh and Surekha. She hugs Surekha and cries out her pain. Naira gets worried for a while, but Kartik gives her strength. Lisa doesn’t want to keep her affair a secret. Kartik and Naira support Lisa in bringing out Akhilesh’s truth.

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