Yeh Rishta Stern reaction on Kaira bonding WHY

Yeh Rishta Stern reaction on Kaira bonding WHY

Yeh Rishta Stern reaction on Kaira bonding Naira gets crying that she isn’t able to help her best friend. She knows that Lisa isn’t lying about Akhilesh. She completely trusts Lisa, since she knows her since five years. She tells Kartik that Akhilesh has cleanly lied and refused to identify Lisa, which would have broken Lisa’s heart. She feels afraid to console her friend, knowing someone from the family is the culprit. Kartik can’t see Naira breaking down. He pacifies her and assures that he will try his best to fix broken things. He knows that he can’t reveal this shocking news to the family unless Akhilesh takes charge of his own deeds. Naira asks him if he trusts her completely.

She recalls the way that he broke his trust and doubted on her character. She feels he didn’t trust her before and will not trust her now. He expresses his strong faith on her. He tells her that it was their mistake that they both didn’t clarify things and ended the relation abruptly. He tells her that she can’t blame him all the time. He accuses her for walking out of his life and keeping Kairav away. With the same accusations, Naira sheds tears and doesn’t want to drag the matter. Naira expects him to support Lisa by getting Akhilesh exposed in front of the family.

Kartik gets scared thinking of the emotional breakdown of Akhilesh’s immediate family, his wife and children. He tells Naira that things should change soon. He gets caring for Naira. He drives her home. She asks him to keep transparency with Vedika, since Vedika is his wife now and has all the rights on him. He tells Naira that he is with her and Lisa. He asks Naira not to feel helpless. He assures to help her. Naira feels Vedika deserves to know the matter. Vedika confronts Kartik for his lie that he didn’t go for any factory work and met Naira at the cafe. He tells her that he can’t believe her the complicated matter. Vedika doesn’t listen to him when he tries to share Lisa’s matter with her.

She tells him that she doesn’t want to stop him from talking to Naira. She asks him to better not lie next time. She expresses her rights on Naira. She sounds too upset. Meanwhile, Akhilesh returns home after refusing to know Lisa. He stays in a bad mood. Dadi wants to talk to him about Surekha and his relation. She doesn’t know what is happening in his life. Akhilesh refuses to speak to her and rather behaves rudely. This shocks Dadi a lot. Dadi fears that the things at home are getting worse. She wishes to welcome Bappa home so that her house problems get sorted.

Dadi didn’t expect him to forget his manners. Surekha doesn’t intervene, after finding him in stress. Akhilesh sinks in guilt, since he started dating Lisa willingly. He feels he has cheated Lisa by refusing to acknowledge their affair. He wants to apologize to her. Lisa packs her bags to leave for Goa. She doesn’t think anything is left for her in Udaipur. Kartik learns Naira has already left for meeting Lisa. He wants to meet Lisa as well so that he can assure his help.

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