Kulfi Timely Rescue Never ending troubles for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd September 2019 Highlights

Kulfi Timely Rescue Never ending troubles for Sikandar Sikandar and the chawl people try to find Kulfi. They don’t find Kulfi anywhere. The officials come to clean the water tanker. Himmat tells them that they aren’t finding a little girl. They think they have to do nothing with this. They get refilling the water in the tank. Himmat prays to Bappa to help them find Kulfi, who brought him to the Chawl. She tells that she will not perform the Visarjan if they don’t find Kulfi. Sikandar also makes prayers and cries. He finds some rats guiding him to the water tank. He realizes that Kulfi is inside the water tank.

He runs to open the water tank. He asks the chawl people to stop the water refill, Kulfi is inside the tank and may sink. He takes their help and opens the water tank. Sikandar finds Kulfi inside the tank. He shockingly sees her unconscious state. Amyra worries and hates Lovely for putting Kulfi in this danger. Sikandar tries to get Kulfi to consciousness. He hugs Kulfi and takes her welfare. Kulfi tells him that Lovely spiked the water and then locked her here.

She tells about the nightmare that she will be away from Sikandar and Amyra. Sikandar and Amyra pacify her and take her home. They get ready to perform Bappa’s Visarjan. They pray to thank Bappa. Amyra and Kulfi are happy together. Sikandar is worried that he has to give real happiness to his daughters. The chawl people support Sikandar. They dine together in the chawl. They ask Sikandar to sing a song for them. Sikandar asks them to sing for him. He plays music and makes them sing. Kulfi thinks why isn’t Sikandar singing. She gets worried. She thinks something is troubling him.

Sikandar goes to meet the restaurant owner. The owner tells him that his restaurant is not built by his black money. He wants Sikandar to work for him. He sends sweets for Sikandar’s daughters. He tells that he is aware of Jimmy’s move to trouble Sikandar. Kulfi believes that even bad people can do good work. She is happy that Sikandar is getting help. Jimmy wants to ruin Sikandar. Kulfi sends the Bappa idol soil to Jimmy’s driver. Jimmy wants to plan a Jagrata. He has evil intentions. Sikandar gets happy when he gets a singing contract. The man offers help to Sikandar. Sikandar gets believing him, unaware if its any new conspiracy.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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