Ek Bhram Pooja to put off the revenge streak

Ek Bhram Pooja to put off the revenge streak

Ek Bhram Pooja to put off the revenge streak Pooja stops Kabir from signing the papers. She tells Kabir that he should check the papers before signing. He asks her what does she mean. She asks him to read it once. He asks her to wait until he reads. He checks the property papers. He reprimands Jai for the deceive. He asks Jai why is he doing this, why is he insecure. Jai tells him that he doesn’t want Pooja to get away with all the property. He wants half property from him. He tells Kabir that he doesn’t trust Pooja who is influencing everyone in the house. He wants Kabir to give his share. Kabir raises hand in anger.

Chanda argues with Kabir. Suman asks Kabir to see how the family is breaking down because of Pooja. She doesn’t think Jai is at fault. She asks Kabir to sign the papers. Jai waits for Kabir. Jai gets attacked by the goons. Pooja and Kabir rush to save Jai. Chanda asks them to save Jai some how. She worries for her son. Pooja gets in between to save Jai. She takes the huge risk and wins the family’s heart. Chanda and Jai have a change of heart after witnessing Pooja’s daring act. Pooja holds the knife and gets her hand bleeding.

She tells Kabir that Jai’s life is important that the property. She wants to leave the house. Jai repents and apologizes to Pooja. He tells her that he has realized his mistake. Chanda and Jai ask Suman to forgive Pooja, she has really changed. Suman doesn’t agree. Pooja tells Suman that she will leave the house to give them peace. Kabir doesn’t want Pooja to leave. Pooja finally leaves the house.

Rani fakes a shocking news to trap Pooja. She tells Pooja that their mum is missing. Pooja rushes to find her mum. She falls in grave danger. Rani tries to burn Pooja alive. Rani herself falls in the same danger by mistake. Kabir reaches them and just then the fire gets ignited. He finds them in the fire ring. Pooja decides to risk her life once again to save Rani. This would lead to Rani’s change of heart as well. How will Kabir save Pooja and Rani at the same time? Keep reading.

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