Muskaan Huge sacrifice and a shocking punishment

Muskaan Huge sacrifice and a shocking punishment

Muskaan Huge sacrifice and a shocking punishment Ronak assures Muskaan that he will rescue Deepa. Kuldeep goes to check Muskaan. She threatens him that she will kill him. She takes Ronak’s help and runs out of the haveli. The goons stop her. Ronak asks the goons to tell Maalik that Muskaan has gone to Devinand village. She pretends along with Ronak. They plan so that they can get Maalik to Hukum’s place. Ronak informs Maalik about Muskaan. Maalik rushes to save Muskaan from Hukum. Nekchand doesn’t check Ronak’s picture knowing he is dead. Hukum orders Deepa’s dad to kill her. Deepa’s dad cries. Hukum forces them. Muskaan and Ronak reach there and stop Hukum. Hukum wants to kill Muskaan also.

Muskaan argues with him to save Deepa’s life. Maalik arrives there to save them. Ronak begs Maalik to save Deepa from Hukum. Ronak stops Hukum from killing Deepa. He wants the matter to end. Hukum is angry that his marriage with Muskaan stopped because of Deepa. Maalik wants Hukum to decide, since the matter is of his village. Ronak tells him that Deepa is Inder’s wife. Hukum goes to kill Deepa. Ronak tells Maalik that he will give his life to save Deepa.

Furthermore, Muskaan also asks Maalik to save Deepa. Maalik accepts Deepa as Inder’s wife. He protects her. Deepa gets happy. Hukum tells Maalik that he will punish Deepa before sending her to Maalik’s village. When Muskaan defends Deepa, Hukum asks her to take the punishment on her head. Muskaan agrees to take the punishment. Ronak and Muskaan learn about the face blackening humiliation. Hukum asks Muskaan to undergo the punishment. Muskaan agrees to his condition. Maalik returns home with Muskaan and Deepa. Amma asks Maalik what price did he pay to get Deepa alive. Maalik tells her that Muskaan got punished to save Deepa. Amma is shocked knowing Muskaan’s sacrifice. Ronak is proud of Muskaan, and promises to protect her.


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