Kulfi Kumar Telly Reviews Highlights Today

Kulfi Kumar Telly Reviews Highlights Today

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Telly Reviews Highlights Kulfi and Sikandar try to find Amyra. He calls Amyra’s friends to know if Amyra is there. He doesn’t get any information. Tony calls him to inform that Amyra is with him. He asks Sikandar not to call him or try to find Amyra, who isn’t his biological daughter. He wants to take Amyra away from Sikandar. He scolds Sikandar. This troubles Sikandar. The chawl people ask him where is Amyra. Sikandar lies to them that Tony is unwell and Amyra went to him. Kulfi thinks its will be good if Amyra stays with Tony, to look after him. Sikandar makes a work excuse.

Kulfi tells the kids that Amyra left, but they will work out Amyra’s plans. Sikandar reaches Tony’s house to meet Amyra. He learns that Tony has taken Amyra and left the house. Sikandar gets worried when he gets no answers. He calls the airport and informs about his daughter’s grandpa taking her forcibly without his permission. He provides his details. He wants the airport authorities to stop Amyra. The official refuses to help since he isn’t able to confirm about the flight details. Sikandar is worried. Kulfi learns that she has to give her song sample CD so that she can be called for then audition.

She thinks how will she record a song in the CD. Sikandar shares his heart out to Mohendar. He tells that Tony has taken away Amyra. Mohendar pacifies him. Kulfi gets ideas from the kids, who support her. Kulfi writes a song and records it by singing well. The kids tell her that music is missing in the recording. She tells them that there is no studio around to record the song. Shanta is worried that her son disappears every night. She doesn’t know where does he go every night. Kulfi wants to help Shanta by solving the mystery. Lovely pretends mad and convinces the jailer that she is much disturbed.

Nihalo knows Lovely is clever. She thinks Lovely is acting again to escape. Lovely plays the drama convincingly. She begs to Nihalo. Jailer thinks to take an action. Nihalo wants to fail Lovely’s plans. Shanta is worried for her son. Kulfi explains Sandy that he should inform Shanta before going out. He doesn’t listen to her. Sikandar cries in Amyra’s memories. Kulfi wants him to stay happy. She can’t see Sikandar crying. Kulfi and the kids try to calm down Shanta. They find a way and follow Sandy. Meanwhile, Jailer asks Nihalo to keep an eye on Lovely if she is really going insane or pretending it. Nihalo agrees to the jailer. The kids try to follow Sandy, and get tricked by him. Kulfi wants to bring happiness in Sikandar’s life.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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