Kasautii Intense drama New Pairing in the making

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Season 2 What to expect ahead

Kasautii Intense drama New Pairing in the making Prerna meets Mr. Bajaj in the jail and speaks to him rudely. He tells her that her angry tone can explain her frame of mind. He knows she doesn’t find him innocent. He asks the reason for coming when she doesn’t believe him. She tells him that his family is worried for him and he should come home by signing the bail papers. She asks him not to act like a saint, who is deliberately sitting in the jail to prove his innocence. She understands what he intends to do. He tells her that she isn’t understanding his innocence by believing Anurag. He tries to explain the other side of the story that Anurag has intentionally framed him in the false case.

He pleads his innocence and at least wants her to believe him, since her opinion started affecting his peace of mind. He is worried since she started misunderstanding him. He doesn’t want to be projected like a devil in her eyes. He wishes to explain that he isn’t a machine, but a normal human being, having a heart which beats for him. He leaves his old avatar of a ruthless businessman, his sharp mind becomes vulnerable ever since Prerna’s thoughts started entering. She asks him to think about his daughter. He asks her to lie to everyone and handle things.

Prerna gets angry on him for attempting to kill Anurag. He tries hard to explain her. Anurag doesn’t get permission to go out. He pleases Mohini by his sweet talks and gets permission to go. He follows Prerna to know about Mr. Bajaj. He doesn’t want Mr. Bajaj to come home so soon. He is happy to separate Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. Prerna asks Mr. Bajaj to just come home for the sake of family. He doesn’t want to return home unless his name gets cleared from the wrong blame. He isn’t able to explain himself. Prerna doesn’t think he is right, since he had married her by blackmailing about Anurag’s life. She thinks he is really evil.

Mohini meets her friends to talk about Anurag’s new alliance. She is ready to accept any girl for Anurag, who can accept him with his past and his love for Prerna. She asks the matchmaker to get any girl ready to change Anurag’s life for the better. She wants someone who can help Anurag move on. She wants the girl to win Anurag’s heart. Shivani will be entering Anurag’s life. She becomes the girl as per Mohini’s description. Shivani shows her concern for Anurag. She has seen Anurag’s madness for Prerna. She worries that he will risk his health. She accompanies him to the jail, where he goes to meet Mr. Bajaj. Prerna finds Maasi coming to meet Mr. Bajaj.

Maasi asks her to convince Mr. Bajaj to accept the bail. Mr. Bajaj gets glad to meet Maasi. Maasi wants him back home. Prerna expresses her bitterness once again. Mr. Bajaj refuses to take the bail. He appears like a selfish person in Prerna’s sight. Prerna reprimands him for not caring for anyone. Mr. Bajaj asks her if she hates him. When she refuses to hate him, he gets a new hope. He tells her that he is clarifying to her, with a belief that she will understand him. Prerna finds Anurag around and pretends to be moving on with Mr. Bajaj.

Consequently, Both Anurag and Mr. Bajaj understand that she is just doing a drama. Anurag gets angered and confronts her for cheating him with the fake drama. Anurag explains his plan to Anupam about framing Mr. Bajaj. Prerna realizes that Anurag is taking revenge on Mr. Bajaj deliberately. Anurag wants Prerna back in his life. Prerna misunderstands Anurag. Shivani will be seen getting paired with Anurag, while Komolika is also going to make a comeback in his life.

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