Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd September 2019 Highlights

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd September 2019 Highlights

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd September 2019 Highlights Kulfi and her friends follow the chawl boy Sandy to get him back to his mum. Kulfi finds the place a studio and gets laughing. She asks him does he come here secretly. Sandy tells her that music is his passion and he secretly comes to his studio, knowing his mum will not understand him. He tells her that he can’t help her. She is happy that she was looking for a studio to record a song. He tells her that he can’t play the kind of music she wants. She tells him that he can help her. Lovely pretends to be mad. She risks herself to play the drama further. She faints down and this worries the jailer. Kulfi sings the nice song.

She asks Sandy to smoothly play the music to set it perfectly. She wants Sikandar and Amyra to record the song too. She tells Sandy that she has Sikandar’s voice recording already. She sings a rap like Amyra. She prepares the song. The kids get happy. Sikandar worries that he isn’t able to do anything. He calls Damji and learns he is away from the city. He fails to get help. Raju is happy seeing the news. He asks Sikandar to watch the news.

Sikandar gets happy seeing Amyra on the news. He tries to track Amyra. Kulfi tries to get selected in the competition. She submits her recording for the competition. She prays. She gets a call for the auditions. She thinks she has got selected. Sikandar looks for Amyra. He fails to find her. Kulfi learns that she has to prepare a video sample as well for the album. She seeks help from Sandy and kids. She meets a cameraman and asks him to record their video. Kulfi gets to meet Jimmy. She gets scared of him.

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