Kahaan Hum Upcoming Raima accuses Sonakshi

Kahaan Hum Upcoming Raima accuses Sonakshi

Kahaan Hum Upcoming Raima accuses Sonakshi Sonakshi gets angry on Rohit for always putting her in the friends zone. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be his friend. When she tries to confess her love, he talks of his vitamin deficiencies. Sonakshi gets angry on his crazy talk. He also wants to tell his feelings. Rohit comments on her dark circles. She thinks he will never change. She asks him to get his eyes tested, since he can’t see her love. She goes away from him. Ravi also thinks that Rohit should acknowledge Sonakshi’s love. Rohit wonders where did he get wrong. On the other hand, Pari is happy to play a trip with Rohan for the ad shoot.

Rohan wants to have an affair with her, knowing she is all okay with it. Rohan likes Pari. He falls for her beauty. She is falling just for his richness. Pari doesn’t tell her trip plans to Suman. She keeps it a secret. Rohan tells his family about Pari shooting the ad for his company. The family ask him to cancel the contract with Pari and sign Pooja. They think Pooja will be better than Pari for the ad. Veena assures that she will talk to Sonakshi about cancelling Pari’s contract.

Later, Sonakshi meets Raima’s mum, who requests her to meet Raima to help her recover. She tells about Raima’s improvement happening because of her. Sonakshi agrees to meet Raima. She is happy to help anyone. Raima’s mum likes Sonakshi as a simple person. Rohit shares his dilemma with his hospital staff. He tells that he didn’t see love in Sonakshi’s eyes. They ask him to get the eye test done, its evident that Sonakshi loves him. Rohit recalls the time spent with Sonakshi. He thinks its love which he didn’t understand before. He calls Pulkit and asks him to have internship at his hospital. He wants to talk to Sonakshi. She ignores Rohit’s calls in anger. She goes to meet Raima and is curious to know their connection. Raima reacts seeing Sonakshi again.

Rohit’s past and present will be coming in front of him when he goes to meet Sonakshi at the therapy centre where Raima is admitted. Raima gets to witness Rohit’s love confession for Sonakshi. This compels her to break out of coma and admit the truth that Sonakshi had committed her accident. Raima will be revealing the big secret of her accident. Rohit’s past and present are interrelated. How will Rohit deal with the big truth? Keep reading.

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