Kundali Bhagya Curse for Karan; Preeta in sorrow

Kundali Bhagyaa Quick Preview Karan Preeta Tashan

Kundali Bhagya Curse for Karan; Preeta in sorrow Karan marries Preeta and abandons her to take revenge. Sarla breaks down post Karan’s revengeful move. Sarla meets Luthras to tell them about Karan and Preeta’s marriage. She exposes Karan’s truth to them. She tells them that Karan has broken Preeta’s heart. Kareena gets angry on Sarla and blames Preeta for playing with Karan’s emotions. She finds Preeta at fault. Sarla loses her cool when they refuse to accept Preeta. She feels she has been wrong to trust Karan. She curses Karan and Luthra family to lose their happiness. Rakhi gets scared of Sarla’s curse. Prithvi goes mad in anger. Sherlyn comes to meet him to know the truth.

He asks her to slap him. He is angry that Karan married Preeta. She asks him why didn’t he keep Preeta away from Luthra family. She tells him that Preeta has become Luthra’s bahu. She accuses him for failing to marry. Prithvi calls it enough. Sherlyn tells him that Karan has married Preeta for revenge. He wants to know who does she knows about it. Karan comes home drunk. The family wants to confront him for his marriage with Preeta. Karan admits that he had married Preeta and left her, to take revenge. He tells her that Preeta has ruined their lives.

Kareena tells him that he did a mistake to fulfill Preeta’s dreams. Karan tells her that Preeta will cry lifelong, since he has abandoned her. Rakhi feels ashamed of Karan. She slaps him to bring him to senses. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Sarla has told the facts to Luthra family. She blames Prithvi for always ruining her plans. She tells him that she will stop Preeta from entering the family. Prithvi can’t forget Preeta. He gets mad to get Preeta back. He is happy that Sarla is paying for the mistake. He wants Preeta to value him.

Preeta waits for Sarla to return. Sarla comes home to break the bad news. She tells them that Preeta and Karan’s marriage is over. She expresses that Preeta didn’t love Prithvi and still agreed to marry him for their sake. She feels she has failed in fulfilling her responsibility. She blames herself. She tells Preeta that Karan is a fraud. She asks Preeta to forgive her, since she failed to convince Luthras. She curses Karan to yearn for happiness. Preeta asks Sarla not to curse Karan. She loves him and wishes for his well being. Sarla wants to expose Karan’s misdeed.

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