Nimki Vidhayak Ganga Devi Shocking side revealed

Nimki Vidhayak Ganga Devi Shocking side revealed

Nimki Vidhayak Ganga Devi Shocking side revealed Dadi wants Nimki to just get away from her house. She speaks to Kamla, the match maker. She tells Kamla that Mintu isn’t related to Nimki. She asks Nimki to talk to Pinky’s family. Nimky tells the family that Mintu just saved her life. When Pinky’s mum asks a lot of weird things, Mintu gets angry. He admits that he loves Nimki and will marry her. He calls off the alliance, much to Dadi’s shock. Nimki asks Mintu why did he say so. She doesn’t want more misunderstandings.

On the other hand, Ganga Devi is upset recalling the child who got separated from her in childhood. She learns that Tiwari is trying to threaten her. She quickly hides the picture. Tiwari sends Mishra’s picture to blackmail her. She tells him that she won’t be scared of him, she has a complete album of his black deeds. She threatens Tiwari. She asks Mishra to come home to meet her. Mishra is trying to find Mintu. Misha goes to meet her. Mintu tells Dadi that he didn’t marry Nimki, but he lied to get saved from Pinky. Dadi scolds him.

Nimki asks Mintu how could he do this. Dadi praises her grandson. Ganga Devi calls Nimki home to discuss about Radhika. Mishra and Nimki meet Ganga Devi and try to sort their matter. Ganga asks them not to defame the party by internal fights. Nimki tells that she wasn’t aware that Radhika is Mishra’s sister. Ganga brings Ashish and Nimki there. She makes Mishra accept the lovers. Nimki warns Mishra and asks him to never harm her family. Nimki throws tons of attitude. Ganga is impressed with her. She shows her evil side by killing the person she hired to shoot at her in the rally for winning the people’s sympathy. Ganga Devi’s true face comes out.

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