Yeh Rishta Happy family moment for Kaira and Kairav

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Yeh Rishta Happy family moment for Kaira and Kairav Naira doesn’t disturb Kartik till morning. She is worried and sleepless. She thinks what would be Vedika thinking. She knows Vedika isn’t understanding anything. She wants Kartik to go home. She learns that Bhabhimaa has failed to explain Vedika. She doesn’t want Vedika to take any wrong step. She goes to wake up Kartik. She pinches him and wakes up him, asking him to leave. Kartik asks her did she lost her mind. She tells him that he has lost his mind that he came to sleep with Kairav at night, without informing Goenkas. She tells him about Manish and Vedika’s calls. She asks him not to make their real-life a game.

She wants him to realize their situation. He tells her that Kairav is the reason for his coming. He accepts to be wrong. He tells her that he is happy to be with Kairav, he doesn’t want to get away. She asks him not to get such reasons. He reminds her reasoning. They get into an argument, which wakes up Kairav. Kairav gets happy seeing his parents together. Kartik and Naira want to be away but come close because of Kairav again.

Kairav demands them to take him to washroom. He gets freshen up. He tells them that they will brush teeth together. He gives their brushes. Naira asks for a blue colour toothbrush, leaving Kartik with an option to use the pink one. Kairav tells them that its a great family moment. He wants them to be with him always since he missed Kartik a lot till now. Kartik too wants such moments with Kairav. Naira knows that this happy family can never complete. Kairav enjoys Kartik and Naira’s sweet arguments. Naira wants the awkward moments to end.

She asks Kartik to return home. Kartik doesn’t care for Vedika. He hopes Goenkas understand his love for his son. He doesn’t want to explain myself to anyone. Naira tells him that the situation is getting more awkward because of him. He tells her that he won’t apologize for loving his son. He wants to keep coming to meet his son. She wants him to end the argument.

After Naira lectures Kartik, Vedika meets him to scold him for his wrong actions. Kartik just wants his son and doesn’t want to give up. Kartik doesn’t know Dadi and Manish’s reaction on this matter.

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