Sanjivani Star Plus Ishani Sid Romance track begins

Sanjivani Star Plus Ishani Sid Romance track begins

Sanjivani Star Plus Ishani Sid Romance track begins Ishani turns cute post a love realization. She thinks its some illness that she isn’t able to diagnose. She wants to know if she loves Sid or is it something serious. She takes care of Sid. She wants to note down her symptoms and find the best matching illness. She tries to know what’s happening to her. She gets in a dilemma. She sees love signs every time she sees Sid. Sid asks her about her weird behavior. He wants to know why is she smiling so much and then suddenly running away. She feels that she has some heart problem. She runs to get an ECG done.

Asha knows that Ishani is in love. She likes to watch the drama. She wants this to go on so that they can pull Ishani’s leg further. Ishani gets the ECG done and finds it normal. She wants to know what is her problem then. She feels the same thing when she faces Sid again. She gets the tests repeated and doesn’t find anything. On the other hand, Shashank and Juhi operate Nandini. The surgery gets successful. They like to work together. They both are brilliant in their work and admire reach other’s talent.

Shashank tells Juhi that he never imagined this day. Juhi blames him for ruining her career for his own reasons. She tells him that he has been unfair to fire her from Sanjivani. He realizes his mistake and apologizes for the same. He wants her to forgive him. She doesn’t think its easy that she forgets the truth. Shashank wants things to normalize. Ishani falls for Sid more and more with the passing time. When Sid recovers completely, his friends decide to plan a party for him. Ishani tells them that she will plan the party as per Sid’s choices.

She takes the responsibility happily. Sid isn’t aware that her signs are of love. He regards her a good friend. Ishani too doesn’t realize that its love. Ishani is happy to welcome Sid in the party. Her friends tease her about Sid. Ishani meets Sid and gets lost once again. She doesn’t know what’s happening with her. Asha explains her that the strange feeling is nothing but love. This makes Ishani stunned, who didn’t wish to fall in love so soon.

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