Kartik Naira react on Vedika’s suicide move

Kartik Naira react on Vedika's suicide move

Kartik Naira react on Vedika’s suicide move Kartik and Naira enjoy the praises they have received at Kairav’s school. They happily come home planning Kairav’s shopping for his new school accessories. Kartik wants Kairav to buy anything he wants. Naira just wants to get the needful things. Vedika finds them smiling and very much together. She fears of Pallavi’s warnings, that her marriage will get void and Naira will return in Kartik’s life. She loses her cool when she finds Kartik forgetting her. She asks Kairav to talk to Vansh. Kairav shares about his admission.

Vedika realizes that Kartik has gone for the school admission, but doesn’t cool her anger. She tells Kartik that she will confront him in Kairav’s absence so that she doesn’t get blamed for breaking his heart. Kartik wants her to stop creating a drama in Naira’s house. Vedika doesn’t think she will find him anywhere else than Naira’s house. She tells him that they can’t talk at Goenka mansion, since he is changing his residence quite often.

After the taunts, she comes to the point and confronts him for spending time with Naira by using Kairav. This shocks Kartik and Naira. The family leaves Kartik and his wife alone the talk.

Naira is worried that Kairav may come back and hear the truth that Vedika is Kartik’s wife. She guards at the door to stop Kairav, while hearing the heated argument between Kartik and Vedika. Vedika confronts Kartik for always being with Naira and bringing her between to break his second marriage. She accuses him for doing this intentionally. She tells that both Kartik and Naira want to reconcile on the pretext of Kairav. Kartik reprimands her for her thinking, though he has this wish in his heart to unite with Naira.

He is aware that his wish won’t get fulfilled. He doesn’t know that his marriage with Naira is still valid. He feels he has lost Naira forever. Vedika gets too angry on him and calls him a selfish person. She tells him that he doesn’t care for Naira or her. He tells her that he really doesn’t care for anyone, except Kairav. He tells her that his marriage doesn’t mean to her. She reminds him that he has married her by his wish. He tells her that he can’t change his life for anyone now. He wants to become selfish when its about his son. He apologizes to her for hurting her. He tells her that she can leave if she wants.

Vedika tells him that Naira will be blamed for breaking their newly formed relation. He asks Vedika to decide anything as per her thinking. Vedika breaks down. She finds her car locked and runs on the road. Naira feels Vedika is emotionally shattered and may take any wrong move. She runs to save Vedika, and her doubt gets certain when she finds Vedika committing suicide. She stops Vedika from this mad move in nick of the time. She wants Vedika to value her life. She promises to help her out. Vedika asks Naira to get divorced from Kartik.

Naira agrees to her condition. She wants to fix Kartik and Vedika’s spoiled relation. Naira agrees to divorce Kartik, which shocks him. Kartik learns about Vedika’s suicide move and feels guilty for the same. He doesn’t want to do wrong with her. Kartik will be fighting for Kairav’s custody as a reply to Naira’s divorce move.

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  1. Why this happening we don’t want kaira fight ,,, this is actually showing wrong mesege to married couples,,, galti sab se hoti hai Kartik se hui usko sass bhi mili he missed first five years of his own son,,, but now what?????

  2. Please stop this vedikas overaction and let kaira unite soon, there is a young kid and want his parents to be together,this vedika who knows about karthiks attachment towards naira and still wants to be his wife, enough of her drama and role, kindly unite kaira atleast for the child’s sake.

  3. Let vedika to do suicide…..kartik will not give divorce to naira….we want kaira back!!!!!!vedika go to hell…how fuck she dares to ask naira to divorce kartik

  4. Much ado about nothing ! Naira and Kartik’s marriage has not been dissolved. So, his marriage to Vedika is not valid. Vedika should gracefully accept this and make herself scarce. Why is she still clinging on to Kartik…inspite of knowing that naira and l kartik still love each other so deeply. Come on, Vedika, have some self respect.

  5. I think it’s about time that Kartik realize and give vedika chance for the relationship because he married her on his own will its really not fair on her.the writing is going really well I am enjoying it

  6. Just cut this jazz n make it short n inite kaira pl n find some other way to continue the story.too much of emotional drama.comr on writers put on your boots n make your writing more exciting

  7. Its really getting boring to watch this serial please change the old stupid storyline ,we as viewer expect something new rather than old stupidity in serial.divorse n custody scene ahould be bannes as we cant sew thwse serial with family.its really boring trust me pakao

  8. Please reunite kaira ….and boycott vadika from the show… because this couple is the best of the best in national television… make vadika villian.. and make sure that she will be out from the show… Please it’s our kind request to you… We are waiting from so many days just to see the reunity of kaira… I love this couple… “KAIRA”

  9. Yeh Ulta seedha Kya kar rahe ho so hamesha NAIRA kohi kyun bura banate ho kartik k samny. And sab koyi kyun vedika ko sympathy dikha Raha hai. I really hate vedika… She is very ugly

  10. FIRST,ye bat apne apne choote dimag mein dalo ke vedika ki koi galti nahi hai.Ussne karthik jaise badimag se shaadi ke.Just picture yourself in her place and think.What will u do if u were her?Will u let ur husband be with his ex-wife.No right.Just like that she can also not tolerate this.Oh!and 1 last thing,MAY THAT NAIHY DIE WITH THAT CHILD KSIRAV.Oh btw i spelled their name like that intentionally

  11. What are they showing rubbish on this age. Vedika seems mature she needs to move on at once ad it is nit a big deal to leave this relation she is gorgeous so obvious Kartik is dying for Naira love. So Naira a d go away far from them.

  12. please make vedika out of the serial and reunite kaira without custody twist or please make kaira realize there mistake before there divorce please


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