TGI Spoilers YRKKH Patiala Babes Kahaan Hum more

TGI Spoilers YRKKH Patiala Babes Kahaan Hum more

TGI Spoilers YRKKH Patiala Babes Kahaan Hum more Kabir learns about his mum’s death. He runs away from Zara’s wedding to reach his mum. Zara too doesn’t think of anything and runs after Kabir to be with him in the sorrowful time. Kabir has lost his mum. Ruksar has been evil to break the news of Zara’s marriage with Zain to Kabir’s mum, who couldn’t bear the shock. Zara wants to confront Ruksar for this move. She regrets a lot that her marriage news has become a reason for Aisha’s demise. She apologizes to Kabir. She shares Kabir’s sorrow. He asks Zara why did she leave her marriage and come after him. She cries and tells him that Aisha was her mum as well. They both cry for Aisha. Kabeer gets to see Zara’s love once again. Zeenat blames both of them responsible for Aisha’s state. She consoles them. She doesn’t want the family to break further.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:

Rohit and Sonakshi meet at the family get together, unaware that a guest is arriving. Rohit shares a moment with Sonakshi. He is in his happy world. He feels she is perfect for him. Sippy family gets the good news that Suman has also approved the relation. Rohit and Sonakshi’s relations gets acceptance. Rohit greets Suman with love. Suman wants Sonakshi’s happiness. She prays that nothing goes wrong with Sonakshi. Sonakshi faces accusations by Raima, who reaches Sippy mansion to create a havoc.

Patiala Babes: Babita is angered by Minnie’s doings. She tells Minnie that she shouldn’t go and meet her grandparents. She tells how the neighbors are taunting her. She is just concerned about the society. Minnie asks her not to think of the society. She wants to look after her elders. She feels she has a duty towards her grandparents also. She tells Babita that Dadu and Biji aren’t well. She tells that she didn’t mean to hurt her, so concealed this matter. She doesn’t care for what the people say and judge.

Babita tells her that people are judging their bad terms and misunderstanding them. She doesn’t want Minnie to give them such a chance. Minnie tells her that they should be confidence and take a stand for themselves. She explains Babita in her sweet way. Minnie calms her down and asks her to follow her heart. Babita means a world for Minnie. Minnie loves her mum a lot and wants her to be happy. She is balancing relations to ease out Babita’s burden.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira get Kairav admitted in a school in Udaipur. They need time to finish the formalities. Naira gets stressed about Vedika. Kartik doesn’t care for anyone waiting. Naira wants to finish it soon and leave for home. Kairav makes plans with them. He wants to enjoy his outing with his parents. Kartik gets angered on Naira. He makes a shocking call to her. Singhanias find Naira in shock and ask the matter. Naira gets upset to reveal Kartik’s big claims on Kairav.

Vidya gets big time trapped when Nanku Singh gets close to know that she is behind the robbery at the school. She has stolen the money for a good motives. Vidya lies to her family about the money. She just reveals the truth to Avtaar, knowing he will help her out. She wants the money to be given to the kids’ parents, who can’t afford the education. She asks Avtaar to use the money the right away. Nanku gets determined to know the culprit behind the theft. Prem plays his trick again to save Vidya. The blame comes on Ranjana, who was present at the school at the same time when the theft happened. Prem doesn’t love Ranjana and wants her to be away. Nanku suspects Vidya, but has no proof against her.


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