Raavan twist in Kasautii Navratri Special Upcomings

Raavan twist in Kasautii Navratri Special Upcomings

Raavan twist in Kasautii Navratri Special Upcomings Mr. Bajaj knows that Anurag is trying to spoil his plans. He goes aside to warn Anurag against his doings. Anurag tells him that he will always fail his plans, he isn’t scared of him anymore. He wanted to scare Mr. Bajaj. He likes to see the fear and tension on Mr. Bajaj’s face. He tells Mr. Bajaj that his real wrathful look suits him more than his fake calm and composed face. He tells that he will never regret his doings. Mr. Bajaj is sure that Anurag will regret, repent and beg to him for forgiveness of his mistakes. He asks Anurag to better save his future.

He warns Anurag that he will show his worst side to Basus if Anurag dares to come between his way again. On getting a challenge, Anurag tells Mr. Bajaj that life is going to change for both of them very soon, since Prerna will leave Mr. Bajaj and come to him. Mr. Bajaj clears out that he doesn’t like his madness for Anurag. Anurag explains him what true love means. He tells Mr. Bajaj that this Navratri, this evil will end. Anurag wants Mr. Bajaj to realize his mistakes. Mr. Bajaj realizes that he has really done a mistake by revealing his childhood secrets about his dad and also his crimes to Anurag.

He thinks if Anurag can use it against him. Prerna can’t get enough praising Anurag for having a heart of gold. Mr. Bajaj gets miffed and asks her not to sing Anurag’s praises. He tries to show understanding and acts calm once again. Prerna tells him that her family loves Anurag a lot and that’s why all that happened. He doesn’t care for her family. On the other hand, Shivani tells Anurag that Mr. Bajaj is playing a smart game. She encourages him to play smarter to save Prerna. She is sure that Anurag will get Prerna back. Shivani tells him that true love will win. Anurag is happy to get her support. He invites Sharma family for the first day of Navratri puja.

Sharma family is sure to come for the function. Anurag bonds with them well. Meanwhile, Mr. Bajaj realizes his love for Prerna. He knows he has married Prerna by blackmailing her, but still he wants to win her love, that’s for Anurag now. He wants to take Anurag’s place in her life. He loves her and she has become his life. Anurag provokes him further. Mr. Bajaj tells him that he is a self made man, who carved his own fate. He doesn’t think Anurag can do anything now. Anurag tells Mr. Bajaj that Prerna will come back to him soon.

He wants to anger Mr. Bajaj and expose him. After a huge verbal row, Anurag tells him that Prerna will soon come to her true love. Mr. Bajaj warns him that he will play fair or unfair to get Prerna. Basus celebrate Navratri and invite their relatives as well. Moloy meets his family. Mohini wants Moloy to recover soon. She is ready to forgive anyone if that can help Moloy. Anurag and Prerna have a sweet moment. He wants her to help him in bringing the Durga idol. Prerna wants to be with Mr. Bajaj. Anurag and Prerna’s fate is destined to be together.

Their moment proves this. Mr. Bajaj too compliments Prerna. He doesn’t want Prerna to know his feelings so soon. Anurag and Prerna bring the idol inside the home together. Anupam is happy to see them together. Anurag and Prerna think of their good moments and cherish their love. Prerna wants to admit her feelings for Anurag. Anurag encourages her to accept her love and unite with him. Prerna falls weak in her emotions and hugs her. The lovers want to plan their union, against Mr. Bajaj who gets the title of Raavan in their story.

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