Kullfi Kumar Sikandar weird declaration for Kulfi Amyra

Kullfi Kumar Sikandar weird declaration for Kulfi Amyra

Kullfi Kumar Sikandar weird declaration for Kulfi Amyra Kulfi shows her faith in Sikandar. She tells Amyra that Sikandar can never kidnap a child. She tells that she believes that he is the best person. Sikandar gets emotionally worried. He tries to recollect the old times when Jimmy troubled him and also the chawl people. He didn’t wish to invite troubles. He thinks why is Jimmy blaming him for his son’s kidnapping. He wished that Jimmy didn’t get release from the jail. Jimmy is still troubling them. He goes to an isolated place and stays alone for some time. Kulfi follows Sikandar. Raju asks her what is she doing here. She tells him that she has come to see Sikandar.

He tells her that there is no one around. Sikandar feels Jimmy has really changed him into a bad person. He meets Jimmy’s son, whom he kidnapped. He has really kidnapped Jimmy’s son. The boy begs him to leave him free, Jimmy will accept his conditions. Sikandar doesn’t think so. Jimmy is much worried for his son. He asks the police to just find his son some how. Sikandar angrily feeds the boy. He calls Jimmy to threaten him. He tells Jimmy to return the things he snatched from many people. He threatens Jimmy. He keeps the boy captive.

He tells Raju that he is doing everything for the chawl and his daughters. He wants to get peace for all the chawl residents. Raju supports him. Jimmy thinks he will try to find Sikandar in his way. Sikandar feels he has much work to finish. Kulfi and Amyra meet him. They get happy that they are together. Kulfi finds his behavior strange. He runs to some place. Jimmy sends the goons to trouble the chawl people. They break the things around. Sikandar gets inclined to take drugs to get rid of his tensions. Kulfi takes a stand to protect the chawl people. She doesn’t want anyone to blame Sikandar for the kidnapping. She tells the goons that they can check all the rooms in the chawl.

Consequently, Sikandar takes the big step to fight Jimmy. He records a message for his daughters, signing them a farewell. He tells them the reason of his extreme step, that’s to protect their lives. He goes to the extreme for the sake of his daughters. Will this be the end of Sikandar? Keep reading.

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