Star Plus Huge Twisted tales Top 2 Prime Hits

Star Plus Huge Twisted tales Top 2 Prime Hits

Star Plus Huge Twisted tales Top 2 Prime Hits Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar Ke Kunal and Nanu get upset with Abir. Meenakshi expected Mehul to trick her. She is much miffed by his presence. She didn’t wish Abir to fall in Mehul’s trap. Abir wants the family to be happy in his happiness. Abir tries hard to convince them. He tells them that Mehul kept this as a surprise for him and didn’t reveal anything to him. He didn’t wish to cheat anyone. He confesses that he loves Mishti and wants to marry her, so the family should be happy. Meenakshi yells at Abir and Mehul. She gets depressed. Abir knows Nanu is much hurt.

He didn’t wish to keep anyone in darkness. Meenakshi tells Abir that he has done much wrong. Mehul asks Abir why isn’t his family happy for him. Abir wants to fix things. Meanwhile, Mishti gets rejoicing when Varsha accepts her heartily. Maheshwaris want to keep Mishti’s marriage in a grand manner. They look forward to meet Rajvansh family for a formal meet. They get emotional. Mishti gets happy that Varsha has finally expressed her motherly love. Abir finds Kuhu upset. He learns that Kuhu is scared of Kunal’s reaction.

He doesn’t want them to fight. He goes to convince Nanu and Abir. Nanu gets convinced easily since he loves Abir a lot. Kunal keeps his anger and walks out. Kuhu tells him that he will lose Abir if he always opposes. She tells that Mehul is getting closer to Abir by always supporting him. She makes him realize his mistake that he shouldn’t be against Abir all the time. Kunal thinks to change his attitude and win Abir back. Nanu invites Vishwamber home. Vishwamber tells him that they have to attend a function at Ananya’s in-laws and would just send Mishti there. Kunal finds Abir putting efforts again. He recalls Kuhu’s advice. He tells Abir that he has no problem with Mishti now. This surprises Abir.

Abir thankfully hugs him. He tells Kunal that he is much happy. Kunal is pretending good, just to take revenge on Mishti. He seeks Meenakshi’s blessings to succeed in his aim. He calls the lawyer to arrange his divorce with Kuhu. He wants to get the divorce immediately. Mishti and Abir plan to meet in the function. Mishti gives a love challenge to Abir. They have a romantic moment. Kunal hands over divorce papers to Kuhu. He tells her that he failed to keep Mishti and Abir away, their marriage is meaningless. This shocks Kuhu and Abir as well, who witnesses this worst moment.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:
Lovely calls the police at the event. She tells Sikandar that she is going only to come back clean. She hugs Amyra and asks her to take care of Sikandar. She asks Kulfi and Amyra to support each other always. She makes a leave with the police. Jimmy announces the winner of the Jagrata competition. Sikandar gets confident when the people cheer for him. He recalls the old times when he used to have many fans. Jimmy tells him that he didn’t know that this group is of him. He doesn’t want to give the trophy to Sikandar.

He is shocked to declare Sikandar as the winner in his contest. Sikandar tells him that his real trophies are his two daughters. He doesn’t want any trophy from Jimmy. He asks Jimmy to save himself now. He tells everyone that Jimmy was also involved in CM’s murder plotting and Amyra’s kidnapping. Jimmy asks Sikandar how can he blame him without the proof. He threatens Sikandar. Sikandar doesn’t care for him. He unites with his daughters. The story takes few months leap with Sikandar still staying in the chawl.

The people want to keep Sikandar with them. They face pressure from someone, who wants them to kick out Sikandar. Sikandar hugs Kulfi and ends her fears. He tells her that he was busy in his work. He tells the family that he isn’t able to get any help. He becomes a strength for the chawl people. The policemen come there to arrest Sikandar. He wants to know the charges. Inspector accuses him for kidnapping Jimmy’s son. He shoots at Sikandar and compels him to tell about Jimmy’s son. Sikandar defends himself. He can never do wrong with any child. Kulfi and Amyra support their father. Sikandar lands in jail shockingly.

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