Nimki Vidhayak Deadly Shocker for Mintu Singh

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Nimki Vidhayak Deadly Shocker for Mintu Singh Nimki tells Dadi about Mintu, Tillu and Pichku protesting against Ganga Devi at her residence. Dadi gets worried when she sees Mintu and Ganga Devi in the video. Dadi wants Mintu back home soon. She doesn’t want Mintu to come in Ganga’s sight. She tells Nimki that she wants her Mintu home right away. Ganga is worried by the protest. She asks Shankar to contact Shukla to end the protest. Dadi calls up Mintu, but he doesn’t answer. Ganga calls Shukla to threaten him. She tells him that crowd can do anything when they get out of control. She signs her man to hurt her. This news gets flashing. Ganga Devi gets hurt by the protesters.

Dadi calls Mintu again and asks him to come home immediately. Mintu doesn’t listen to her. Dadi gets dizzy. Nimki asks her why isn’t Mintu listening to her. Dadi tells her that politics is in Mintu’s blood. Nimki asks what does she mean. Dadi asks her to get Mintu home some how. Nimki calls Mintu and tells him that his Dadi has passed away. Mintu can’t believe this and runs home to see his Dadi. He loves his Dadi a lot. He goes home and finds Nimki crying for Dadi. He can’t see Dadi’s funeral.

Dadi and Nimki have plotted the drama to get Mintu home and stop him from joining dirty politics. Mintu cries for Dadi. Nimki does a big drama to fool Mintu. She tells Mintu that Dadi fell down and said Mintu broke his dream by trying to join politics. She asks him not to hurt Dadi knowing Dadi doesn’t like politics. Mintu apologizes to Dadi. Dadi wakes up and tells Mintu that she has returned seeing him cry, its a miracle that she got her life back. She wants him to promise that he will never join politics.

Mintu realizes it was Nimki’s idea to make Dadi fake her death. He learns that Nimki has planned this sorrowful shocker. He holds her neck and threatens her. When he acts violent, Nimki recalls Babbu Singh. She gets emotional and runs away from his house. Dadi explains Mintu that Nimki had done everything on her saying. She makes Mintu realize his mistake so that he goes to Nimki with an apology.

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