Kulfi Kumar Star Plus Terrible Shocker for Kulfi

Kulffi Kumar Bajewala Starplus Major shock for Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Star Plus Terrible Shocker for Kulfi Kulfi wants to know if Sikandar lied to them. Amyra tells her that he never lies. Kulfi wants to know why did he lie to her and went to the godown. He goes to the godown to check Sikandar. Sikandar gets Jimmy’s son there and keeps him captive. She warns him against running away. Kulfi reaches there and finds the boy captive. She asks him who is he and who is the kidnapper. Sikandar stops her from helping the boy. He meets her and asks her to go home. She tells him that she is scared. She tells about the boy, but he misleads her. He tells her that he had come here for some work. He asks her to go to Amyra. He locks up the godown.

He calls up Jimmy to threaten him. He tells her that he will kill Jimmy’s son if he doesn’t pay the money. He disconnects the call before police traces his location. Jimmy agrees to pay back the money to the people whom he ruined. He doubts that Sikandar has kidnapped his son. Sikandar knows his plan of action. He wants to defeat Jimmy’s evil. He has changed much and walked on the path of evil just to teach a lesson to the evil doer Jimmy. He regrets that he has become a kidnapper, he has risked a child’s life.

He thinks how will we live without his daughters. He wants to win in his motives. Kulfi wants to know from the chawl kids if they went to the godown. She wonders whom she had seen there. Sikandar meets the don, who questions him if he had kidnapped Jimmy’s son. Sikandar doesn’t tell him anything. He asks him to just help him in his task. The don is his friend and agrees to help. The chawl people get happy that the water tanker has finally arrived. The praise Sikandar for keeping his promise. Kulfi clears her doubts.

She is happy that Sikandar didn’t do anything wrong. She has much faith on her dad. Amyra tells Kulfi about the godown connected to their room. Kulfi asks the chawl kids to accompany her to the godown to check it once. The kids don’t listen to me. She goes alone and finds Jimmy’s son. She questions him again about the kidnapper. He tells about the masked kidnapper. Sikandar meets the boy again and doesn’t spare him. Kulfi can’t believe the truth, when she witnesses Sikandar tormenting the boy. Sikandar too gets terrified when he finds Kulfi around. How will he explain his actions to Kulfi? Keep reading.

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