Kulfi Kumar Hotstar Snips Sikandar evil truth exposed

Kulfi Kumar Hotstar Snips Sikandar evil truth exposed

Kulfi Kumar Hotstar Snips Sikandar evil truth exposed Kulfi offers help to free Jimmy’s son. He doesn’t want to take her help, which would make him fall in grave danger. He requests her to just get away. She feels her heart out for him. She asks him not to tell anyone about him. She wants some help. She goes to tell Raju about the boy. She fails to tell Raju. She goes back to Jimmy’s son when no one believes her. She tells him that she will help him. She tells him about Sikandar, who is really good. She tells that the chawl people are good, they will help him. She asks him to hold her hand and gain courage. She attempts to free him. She realizes that the boy has run away.

She wants to know if he has gone back to the godown. The boy gets trapped once again. Kulfi wants to rush to Sikandar and call him to help the boy. She gets a big shock when she finds Sikandar as the kidnapper. She can’t believe her senses, that’s showing her dad’s worst side to her. She recalls Sikandar’s love. She denies the sight at first. Sikandar asks the boy why did he escape. He tries to harm the boy by hitting him. Kulfi can’t see his bad side. She wants to know why did he take this wrong path.

She was proud that her dad is a nice person. She can’t accept this horrible change in him. She wants to stop him from hurting the boy, who is innocent. She doesn’t want him to give sorrow to the boy and his parents. Sikandar tells the boy that his parents are crying for him. He threatens to kill his parents if he tries to run away. Kulfi’s trust on Sikandar gets breaking. She realizes that Sikandar has kidnapped Jimmy’s son. She gets angered when Sikandar attempts to hit the boy. She stops him from making such a big mistake. Sikandar falls in her eyes. He didn’t wish his daughter to witness his evil side.

Kulfi gets scared of Sikandar. Sikandar locks up the boy again. He leaves him unharmed for a while. Kulfi confronts Sikandar for his evil move. Sikandar stops her from judging him by the one shocking moment. He has been a good father for her always. He tries to make Kulfi away. He doesn’t answer her and leaves her far. He knows that she will never forgive him for this. He wants to deal with his life’s chaos. He feels Jimmy has turned him into an evil man. He wants to fix things before his dies. He goes home. Kulfi confronts him for his doings.

Amyra asks her to play a game with her. Kulfi doesn’t tell her anything about Sikandar’s crime. She wants her answers at any cost. Sikandar can’t tell her that he is going to die. She asks him why was he hitting that boy. She didn’t know he would fall to this extent and kidnap a kid. She wants him to keep her trust intact. He gets rude towards her. She tells him that she has witnessed his evil side, which is unacceptable. He asks her not to show wisdom in every case. She doesn’t want him to ruin anyone’s life. She wants him to leave the boy free. Sikandar tells her that he will do this for his selfish motives. He warns her against helping the boy. Amyra and Kulfi get close to learn about Sikandar’s illness.

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