Yeh Rishta Kartik tranced Stunning truth revealed

Yeh Rishta Kartik tranced Stunning truth revealed

Yeh Rishta Kartik tranced Stunning truth revealed The lawyers prepare Kartik and Naira for the custody case. Kartik hopes to stop Naira from going in. Naira too hopes to call off the case. They get hinted that fate doesn’t have it written. Kairav wants them to go inside the court and fight for him. He wants them to be together. Naira requests Kartik to stop right here and not fight her. He asks her to promise that she won’t take Kairav away. She is helpless because of Vedika. She tells him that she isn’t taking Kairav away, but just shifting to Goa. She tells him that he can stay connected to Kairav. He doesn’t want partial rights on Kairav. They don’t settle their fight. They go ahead in the court.

Vedika is troubled knowing her past is catching up again. She doesn’t want to face her past. She rushes home and stays worried. Meanwhile, the courtroom drama begins. Both the lawyers start fighting. Kumar tells the judge that Naira is a better parent, since Kartik is married to Vedika now, they may not be able to take care of Kairav. He tells that Kartik’s responsibility will be divided because of his second marriage, while Naira is still single and her focus will be on Kairav. Damini tells the judge that they can’t give the custody to Naira before knowing what kind of mother is she.

She gets accusing Naira for risking the baby’s life by being stubborn in her ego. She questions Naira about not calling Kartik to take help. She brings Kairav’s medical health conditions out. She asks Naira how could she bring her issues in between when she was battling during her pregnancy. Damini tells them that Naira has always learnt to run away from problems. She tells that Naira is so immature and can’t handle her life alone. She tells how Naira has left even her family because of her ego. Naira has expectations from Kartik.

She wants Kartik to take a stand for her. Her hopes fall flat when Kartik sits quiet and just hears her. Kartik isn’t aware of the truth and facts that Damini bringing out. He wants to know more about Naira’s past. Damini tells the court that Naira isn’t a responsible mother. She feels Naira has undergone labor for long hours, she has two families related, still she has proved herself dead for the world. She feels no normal person can fake death this way to end ties with the family. She calls Naira extraordinary to decide for everyone’s lives. She then shocks Naira by bringing the medical reports.

Naira wishes that the abortion attempt truth doesn’t come out. Damini boasts about the big evidence, which will change the case completely. Damini tells them that Naira never wanted Kartik’s child, she didn’t wish to give birth to Kairav. She asks Naira by what right does she want to claim Kairav’s custody now. She tells them that Naira lost hopes and wanted to abort the child secretly. She tells that this isn’t a solution if she had issues with her husband. She tells the judge that Naira is a terrible mother and doesn’t deserve Kairav. She tells that Kartik and Naira’s fight regarding Kairav is baseless, since Kartik is the only deserving parent. The abortion attempt truth shocks Kartik as well.

He didn’t know that Naira has thought about abortion, under what circumstances and why. He wants to get his answers from her. Even Damini wants Naira to answer the court about her decision and her immense love claim for Kairav at present. Naira hopes Kartik raises a stand for her. Will Kartik really stand for Naira or will it be Naira’s dream sequence? Will Kartik be able to forgive Naira for the abortion attempt? Keep reading.

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